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May 2018

HEINZMANN products are used in the Dakar Rally and the Silk Way Rally. These rallies provide the ultimate challenge for drivers and vehicles alike.

HEINZMANN supports the Russian company KAMAZ’s racing team, which regularly lines up for these rallies with several trucks with different engines. In November last year, the KAMAZ team visited HEINZMANN in Schönau to be handed over one of the high-pressure pumps for the use in the marathon rallies.

This rally crossed three countries in two continents, had 15 stages and a total distance of more than 10,000 kilometres along the legendary Silk Route from Moscow to Beijing. Alongside the famous Dakar Rally, the race is renowned as one of the biggest challenges in motor sport. The KAMAZ Master team managed to secure the race victory. The winning truck had a Cummins DCEC-13 type engine equipped with the high efficiency and robust HDP-K3 high-pressure pump from HEINZMANN. The pump coped admirably with the rally's particular challenges. It helped to guarantee that the KAMAZ truck ran reliably on its way to victory.

The development of a successful project

KAMAZ first contacted HEINZMANN in 2013. They were looking for a common rail system high-pressure pump solution capable of operating the engine at the required high power. The key criteria were compact dimensions, mechanical adaptability, sufficient delivery rate, engine speed strength and robust design.

First of all, the HDP-K3 was fitted in the Liebherr D-9508 engine used previously, as the manufacturer’s range initially included no high-pressure pumps with the required delivery volume. The same pump was also taken for all the development work to increase the power of the engine. The HDP-K3 was then also used for training runs. From 2016, the HEINZMANN high-pressure pump was also used with the newly introduced 13 l engine from Dongfeng-Cummins. Because of a change in the rules that introduced a reduced engine capacity limit, this engine will be used exclusively for racing vehicles in the future.

KAMAZ cites the crucial reasons for using the HDP-K3 in the new engine as being the high delivery rate, excellent configurability and the high speed level available, making the pump ideal for the DCEC-13. The good controllability and high hydraulic efficiency are also decisive criteria for racing success.

KAMAZ and racing: looking back at 30 successful years

The racing team operated by the Russian company KAMAZ PTC has been successful in motor sport for more than 30 years. The KAMAZ Master works team regularly enters two to three T4 category vehicles in the Dakar Rally and the Silk Way Rally. To date, they have won the overall truck rankings in the Dakar Rally fifteen times, with trucks equipped with various engine types.

Its team’s success is hugely important to KAMAZ as a company, as it makes a major contribution to continuing the company’s technological success story into the future:
The KAMAZ Group now has more than 110 subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The automotive company, based in Nabereschnyje Tschelny in Tatarstan, produces commercial goods vehicles, diesel engines and buses.

The HDP-K3 from HEINZMANN: Maximum reliability guaranteed

The HDP-K3 high-pressure pump is at the heart of HEINZMANN’s ODYSSEUS common rail system. ODYSSEUS includes all the components required for injection and pressure generation in modern common rail injection technology.

Among the high-pressure pumps in the HDP-K series, the HDP-K3 is notable for being capable of providing pressures up to 2,500 bar. The HPK-K3 is extremely robust, efficient and reliable even in the very toughest conditions. It is used in locomotives, ships and - as in the case of KAMAZ - in heavy trucks.

Because of the recent rule changes in the Dakar Rally, the Cummins engine and, therefore, the HEINZMANN high-pressure pump, is set to become even more of a focus in racing. The pump is continuously being developed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for racing. The HDP-K3 is also benefiting from these experiences in day-to-day industrial applications.

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Handover of the K3 pump to the KAMAZ racing team at the HEINZMANN plant Handover of the K3 pump to the KAMAZ racing team at the HEINZMANN plant in Schönau
HEINZMANN HDP-K3 Project team with KAMAZ racing team in front of the KAMAZ racing truckHEINZMANN HDP-K3 Project team with KAMAZ racing team in front of the KAMAZ racing truck
HEINZMANN HDP-K3 pump fitted on Cummins DCEC-13 engine HEINZMANN HDP-K3 pump fitted on Cummins DCEC-13 engine type in the KAMAZ truck
KAMAZ racing truck in rough desert terrain KAMAZ racing truck in rough desert terrain at the Dakar Rally in January 2018
KAMAZ racing truck at the Dakar RallyKAMAZ racing truck in the desert at the Dakar Rally in January 2018

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