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July 2021

Innovations from the e-mobility pioneer from the Black Forest

The specialist portal for the bicycle market VELOBIZ reports in issue 07/2021 on the e-mobility pioneer HEINZMANN.
For a long time, HEINZMANN was hardly perceived as the e-mobility pioneer it actually is. Today, HEINZMANN is working on innovative products that have the potential to shape the industry in many ways.

Read more in the article by Georg Bleicher, editor at VELOBIZ (German).
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HEINZMANN in VELOBIZ Magazine 07/2021 (German)

More information about the HEINZMANN CargoPower drive system for cargo bikes on our Electric Drive Website at System Solutions.

HEINZMANN Fahrradwerkstatt

HEINZMANN bicycle workshop - Spoking of CargoPower heavy duty engine in cargo bike

(Source: Georg Bleicher, Redakteur Velobiz)

HEINZMANN Motorenmontage am Standort Schönau

HEINZMANN motor assembly at the Schönau site

(Source: Georg Bleicher, Redakteur Velobiz)

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