HEINZMANN Company Group

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Robust electric motors

Control & Monitoring

Control & Actuation

HEINZMANN Automation
Marine Automation

Gas & Water Turbine Control

Steam Turbine Control

CPK Automotive
Emission Control

Giro Engineering
Diesel Engine Components

Oil Mist Separators and Blow-by Filter Technology

Technologies empowering efficiency 

Modern combustion engines need to be powerful, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. To meet the challenges that these issues raise, the engine subsystems and the associated control strategies have to be continuously developed. HEINZMANN is driving this development in close cooperation with its customers and with its expertise in innovation. The company has thus established itself as a global technology leader and a reliable partner in engine management.

Engine Management Technologies

With complete system solutions, forward-looking individual components and - last but not least - with proven expert knowledge we support our customers in designing technological progress in combustion engines. Innovative products help us to achieve challenging goals in terms of efficiency, emissions, reliability and performance.

All-round combustion engine expertise

HEINZMANN provides tailored solutions for combustion engines in a large number of areas: precision fuel injection systems, air path management components, safety and monitoring systems and control platforms for tasks with any level of complexity.

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