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For decades, HEINZMANN governors and actuators have proven their worth when used for controlling turbines. What’s more, the HEINZMANN Group includes two experienced specialists in the field of turbine control, offering systems and components for gas, steam and water turbines.

HEINZMANN UK specialises in control systems for Gas Turbines and their applications. Providing specialist control design and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom for new and retrofit industrial turbines of all types and sizes. Offering a consistent approach to all applications using our own comprehensive range of electric actuators and digital controls, applied with the best industry standard controls products.

HEINZMANN Australia focuses on control systems for steam turbines and generators. Si-TEC (Smart Integrated Turbine & Engine Control), a digital governor with integrated automatic synchronisation and kW/kVAr generator control, is one of the top products worldwide with more than 4000 systems installed.

  • Gas Turbine Fuel Controls
  • Gas Turbine Air Controls
  • Gas Fuel Systems
  • Ignition

Gas Turbine Fuel Controls

HEINZMANN UK has supplied many hundred fuel control products to gas turbine OEM's and operators since 1993. Machines ranging from the smallest to over 100 MW. These may be supplied as component parts or as complete fuel systems. Gas or liquid systems for Legacy and younger engines, dual-fuel, DLE fuel systems may be supplied.

HEINZMANN fuel controls are based on electric motor, digital electronic and safety technologies and experience developed in the HEINZMANN Group since the 1980's and products feature many innovations not found in competitor products. These features deliver ease and flexibility of application, quality of control and reliability for customers.

Gas Turbine Air Controls

Air control is becoming more and more necessary to meet the emission requirements for operational GTs. It improves the starting reliability and load flexibility of gas turbines. The tighter demands of necessary emission control call for highly accurate and responsive air control VGV or VIGV control is vital, with OEMs adding multiple independent drives. Air bleed for compressor control and anti icing is vital.

In the last ten years HEINZMANN has supplied hundreds of electric guide vane servo systems to a gas turbine OEM in Europe for machines from 4 through 20 MW shaft power. HEINZMANN now offers electric bleed air control valves for the same range of turbines based on its high-performance electric actuation technology.

Gas Fuel Systems

HEINZMANN UK can build fuel systems to suit any size or make of gas turbine; single or multi-stream as required for low NOx combustion systems, liquid fuel metering. All systems can be combined on one skid with purge if required.

  • Upgrading the original fuel controls with replacement systems built into the space occupied by the original system
  • Replacement of original hydraulically actuated fuel assemblies with electrically actuated systems designed one replacement of the original system
  • No limits on size we build fuel system frames for all types of turbines.

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PROMETHEUS is an igniter power system for gas turbines. Used in conjunction with standard surface effect spark plugs it produces an intense spark twice a second while energised from a nominal 24 VDC battery power supply.
Energy conversion and utilisation in the spark plug is very high and compared with alternative systems. The spark projects further out from the tip of the plug providing more successful ignition considering air fuel ratio and pressure. This is especially true on liquid fuelled turbines with pressure atomised burner nozzles.

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  • BDG
  • ADG-T / ADG-TT
  • Hydraulic amplifiers
  • Steam Turbines Components

Steam Turbine Control Si-TEC BDG

The Si-TEC BDG (Basic Digital Governor) is a steam turbine control specially designed for mechanical drive applications (i.e. pumps, fans, shredders, mills, etc.). The BDG design is based on the very successful Si-TEC Xtend ADG steam turbine controller. The compact design, user friendly interface, onboard data logging and wide range of PIDs makes the BDG a standard choice for steam turbine control solutions.

Engine Types & Applications

Steam turbinesSteam turbines





Steam Turbine Control ADG-T / ADG-TT

The ADG (Advanced Digital Governor) for drive applications with steam turbines is part of the Si-TEC range, which is developed and produced by HEINZMANN Australia. The ADG is the ideal solution for controlling steam turbines. It offers additional functions and features as well as communication options, ensuring it is easy to use.

Engine Types & Applications

Steam turbinesSteam turbines






Hydraulic amplifiers

The HA series Hydraulic Amplifiers from HEINZMANN Australia provide the force to operate heavy control valves of steam turbines or fuel control linkages of large reciprocating engines. This may be done via a mechanical input (i.e. HEINZMANN all electric actuator) or via a 0 – 200 mA input signal to the built in internal actuator.

Engine Types & Applications

Steam TurbinesSteam Turbines

Diesel EnginesDiesel Engines

Steam Turbines Components

In addition to governors and actuators, HEINZMANN Australia completes our wide range of products for steam turbines by providing displays, control cabinets, pressure converters and accessories.

  • Generator Control for Turbines
  • Si-TEC Xtend CGC
  • ONYX Turbine Generator Display

Generator Control for Turbines

HEINZMANN Australia specialises in governors, displays, plant control systems and monitoring and control systems for generator management in the turbine sector.

Its main product is the Si-TEC series of generator governors for reciprocating applications. The Si-TEC range of governors integrates seamlessly into the majority of generator drive applications.

Si-TEC Xtend CGC

The versatile CGC steam turbine governor with generator control is part of the Si-TEC range, which is developed and produced by HEINZMANN Australia. The CGC is the ideal solution for a wide range of steam turbine generators, including counter-pressure turbines, condensation turbines, regulated extraction turbines and turbines with a split shaft. The applications include power plants, sugar & paper mills, the preparation and processing of oil & gas, refineries, the petrochemical industry, the geothermal industry and systems involving multiple generators.

The Si-TEC Xtend CGC turbine governor is available in these variants:

CGC-D for diesel genset
CGC-G for gas genset
CGC-T for steam turbines
CGC-ET for extraction steam turbines

ONYX Turbine Generator Display

Remote display for the Si-TEC Xtend control range (via CAN bus interface) metering of essential turbine and generator parameters that include generator voltage, frequency, real power, power factor (lead & lag) and also includes an independent turbine overspeed protection circuit.

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