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To boost efficiency in modern gas engines, the air-gas mixture is increasingly being compressed to a greater extent whilst also becoming constantly leaner. This can result in knocking – which is harmful to components and spare parts on the engine. With the ARIADNE knock monitoring system, HEINZMANN offers an appropriate solution for protecting and reliably operating gas engines.

  • Knock Control
  • Knock Sensors
  • Speed sensors

Knock Control

The ARIADNE control unit is able to individually detect knocking combustion on each cylinder (max. 20) and maintain optimum operation under all conditions so as to protect the engine from damage.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 18 ... 32 VDC
  • Capacity: up to 20 knock sensor inputs
  • Communication: 2x CAN bus, 1x Modbus, 1x serial interface

More information

Technical Drawing


Engine Types & Applications

Gas EnginesGas Engines

Dual-Fuel EnginesDual-Fuel Engines



Knock Sensors

HEINZMANN’s piezoelectric vibration sensors detect high-frequency vibrations that are typical of engine knocking. By detecting the knocking noises, the ARIADNE knock detection system can prevent damage to the engine.

Speed sensors

Both inductive sensors and Hall sensors are available with different lengths and thread sizes. Thanks to their robust design, inductive sensors are ideal for use in harsh ambient conditions.
Compared to inductive sensors, the advantage of Hall sensors is that the output signal is independent of the speed and the distance from the sensor.

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