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Incineration Plant

Incineration Plant

Systems and components


Upgrade of Steam Turbine and Power Management Control

Arcante Blois Incineration Plant processes over 85,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually. The plant processes waste and uses the combustion heat to convert to saturated steam. The steam supply (44 bar) is used for generating electricity, while the process steam (6.4 bar) is used for district heating. The main issues that Arcante Blois was experiencing were poor boiler pressure steam regulation, and difficulty in regulating process steam. This was particularly during peak demand in winter.

With the assistance of NCG, HEINZMANN Australia was able to provide Arcante Blois with a comprehensive steam turbine and power management control upgrade.

This resulted in optimum boiler steam pressure control at 44 bar, improved control of process steam for district heating at 6.4 bar, and the added feature of grid export kW control and export PF control. This also resulted zero turbine trips during grid export CB trip to Island mode operation. The ROI for Arcante Blois was about 5 months.

Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill

Systems and components


Steam Turbine and Power Management Control Upgrade

PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) provides Baanrai with a 22 kV grid connection via PEA grid #1 and #2. The existing governing system installed was a combination of WW 505’s and UG8 governors. The main issues that Baanrai was experiencing was very poor grid export power regulation and significant voltage swings, making it difficult to maintain a parallel grid connection with the 27 MW T/G. In some cases, PEA grid #2 trip also caused tripping of 27 MW T/G. This led to factory shutdowns & significant “downtime”.

With the assistance of SWTS & MARC, HEINZMANN Australia was able to provide Baanrai Sugar Industry with a comprehensive steam turbine and power management control upgrade for 2x 27 MW & 1x 20 MW T/Gs.

This resulted in improved quality of export power (via GSM), satisfying PEA grid standards and the added feature of grid voltage control (via GSM) maintained a steady 22.0 kV. This also eliminated trips on “over & under voltage”, with no need for OLTC (On-Line Tap Changer) adjustment. The ROI for Baanrai was around 3 months.

Power Plant

Power Plant

Systems and components

  • Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T

Upgrade of ABB Turbine Control

The opportunity for upgrade was presented when the IBW Virginal’s existing WW 505 control (obsolete version) had failed, and required replacement (including supply, installation and commissioning) all within 3 weeks. IBW Virginal opted for the HEINZMANN Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T system to not only upgrade but also improve their ABB turbine control. The control strategy requested by IBW was “Automatic Inlet Pressure Control” with the option of operating in “Automatic Base Load kW Control”.

Through the assistance of our French distributor NCG (Normandy Controls Group), who helped us secure and win this project, they successfully supplied, installed and commissioned 1x Si-TEC CGC-T system within 16 days, exceeding their client’s expectations.

With the successful commissioning and performance of the their 4.7 MW ABB T/G, IBW are now looking at upgrading their other turbine generator controls utilizing the many beneficial features of the HEINZMANN Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T steam turbine control system.

Bio Energy

Bio Energy

Systems and components

  • 2x Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T
  • 1x Si-TEC Xtend GSM

Upgrade Solution to meet Guidelines

EGAT (Electricity Grid Authority of Thailand) imposes strict conditions for the quality of power exported to National Grid 115 kV network. The existing turbine control systems at Mitr Phol’s Dan Chang Bio-Energy plant were unable to meet these strict guidelines set out by EGAT. So approached HEINZMANN Australia for an upgrade solution.

With the assistance of SWTS & MARC, HEINZMANN Australia was able to provide Mitr Phol with a comprehensive steam turbine control upgrade solution. The proposed system included 2x Si-TEC Xtend CGC-T turbine control systems and 1x GSM Master control for grid export power control, to be rolled out over two separate phases.

By the end of June 2017 the full control system upgrade was commissioned successfully, addressing several unique application specific requirements:

  1. Improved quality of export power up to 25 MW to satisfy EGAT requirements
  2. Automatic import power control during 32 MW T/G trip condition
  3. Reduced complexity of system operation, providing consistency and ease of operation

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