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Comprehensive solutions for genset control

Generator management systems from HEINZMANN and REGULATEURS EUROPA are based on HEINZMANN's digital governors. In addition to the tried-and-tested THESEUS and Viking35 systems, the new XIOSGenSet governor is an all-rounder suitable for all generator systems, as it combines all the relevant advantages of combustion engine governors and generator governors.

The system can be fitted in control cabinets in accordance with industrial standards, and can include PLC controllers, HMI user interfaces, integrated speed control and numerous other functions. Communication can take place via numerous interfaces using different protocols.

  • Digital Generator Controls
  • XIOSGenSet
  • Viking35
  • Si-TEC Xtend CGC

Digital Generator Controls

HEINZMANN has a wide range of products for controlling generators. The multi-functional, digital and cost-efficient XIOSGenSet governor offers a wide range of solutions for controlling generators as well as protection and monitoring functions. It assumes sole, central responsibility for controlling the entire genset system.
The Si-TEC Xtend generator governor is a specialist for controlling steam turbines. Viking35 offers extensive configuration options and is combined with hydraulic actuators from REGULATEURS EUROPA. The tried-and-tested THESEUS governor is suitable for generators operated as islands or in parallel. As an option, it can be combined with HEINZMANN speed governors.

Dual Fuel Sensors Uebersicht

  • Flexible
  • Cost-efficient
  • Wide product range


A multi-functional, digital and cost-efficient system solution offering a wide range of solutions for controlling generators as well as protection and monitoring functions. Only a single central governor is required to control the entire genset system. The device’s multi-functional design means it can be used in the best way for each specific customer and the engine and generator control can be configured flexibly. XIOSGenSet can be used for island and parallel operation as well as for individual or group applications. The system is supplemented by a clear, user-friendly and easy-to-operate HMI.

Technical data

  • Processor: 32 Bit 264 MHz
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, CAN, RS-232, RS-485
  • Display: 4.3" (optional)
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Power supply: 9...32 VDC
  • Functional range: Customer-specific engine & generator monitoring system, scalable and flexible configuration, PC-based adaptation & HMI monitoring, genset monitoring and protection functions, interface with existing analogue load sharing, synchronisation, kW power control, kW load sharing, kVAr load sharing, voltage adjustment, cos Phi control, automatic sequence control, available as an option with speed governor, CAN, Modbus or SAEJ1939 communication protocol, with real-time alarm & logging function

Engine Types & Applications



This digital generator governor with extensive configuration options is suitable for highly complex CAN bus effective-load sharing applications involving up to 16 generators. The user-friendly Viking Vision software or a corresponding hand-held device can be used to edit or display control and status parameters in real time. It is combined with hydraulic actuators from REGULATEURS EUROPA.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Degree of protection: IP00

Engine Types & Applications

Diesel EnginesDiesel Engines

Dual-Fuel EnginesDual-Fuel Engines






This digital generator governor for generators operated as islands or in parallel can run with or without a HEINZMANN speed governor. Four versions are available: BASIC, MEDIUM, EXTENDED and GROUP.

Technical data

  • Voltage input: 3-phase input: 240 - 480 VAC or 100 - 240 VAC
  • Current inputs: 3-phase input: 0 - 5 A or 0 - 1 A
  • Frequency: 45 - 65 Hz
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (9 - 33 VDC)

BASIC: Low-voltage governor with no adjustment options
MEDIUM: Low-voltage governor with different standard assignments and limited adjustment options
EXTENDED: Generator governor with numerous configuration and adjustment options for every voltage range
GROUP: Generator governor for generators operated as Group-to-Group or Group-to-Mains, with numerous configuration and adjustment options for every voltage range

Si-TEC Xtend CGC

The versatile CGC steam turbine governor with generator control is part of the Si-TEC range, which is developed and produced by HEINZMANN Australia. The CGC is the ideal solution for a wide range of steam turbine generators, including counter-pressure turbines, condensation turbines, regulated extraction turbines and turbines with a split shaft. The applications include power plants, sugar & paper mills, the preparation and processing of oil & gas, refineries, the petrochemical industry, the geothermal industry and systems involving multiple generators.

The Si-TEC Xtend CGC turbine governor is available in these variants:

CGC-D for diesel genset
CGC-G for gas genset
CGC-T for steam turbines
CGC-ET for extraction steam turbines

  • ICENI I/O Modules

ICENI I/O Modules

The I/O modules in the ICENI range can be used for communicating with a PC or PLC devices, or for expanding the RE Viking35 ECU. The modules are mounted on standardised rails and have been designed with value for money in mind. They can be easily programmed using a touchscreen, without the need for support from a programmer or laptop. ICENI has been designed for high-performance operation under the high temperatures in the engine, but is equally suitable for other applications – whether as an extension of RE control and monitoring solutions or as a product for other original equipment manufacturers.

Technical data

  • Open protocols: for SPS, PC, etc.
  • Extended temperature range: -20 ... +70 °C
  • Built in user interface: integrated
  • Redundant power supply capability: possible
  • Configuration: plug & play

Engine Types & Applications



  • Interfaces


HEINZMANN supplies user interfaces for controlling and monitoring generators, as well as load sharing interfaces for analogue load sharing with a digital generator governor.

Dual Fuel Sensors Uebersicht



ARGOS is a user interface for interacting with one or more HEINZMANN control units. It shows numerous measurements as well as the status of the engine or generator using LEDs. ARGOS is intended for installation in control panels.


More information

Technical Drawing



A load sharing interface for analogue load sharing with the DGM-02 digital generator governor. Its variable voltage range enables it to connect to +/- load sharing lines.

  • Accessories


CR-01 CAN Repeater – used as a repeater and opto-insulator for longer CAN connections, in order to prevent signal errors caused by differences in potential.


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