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Optimal control technology for any type of gas engine

The newly developed and extensively tested XIOSGas for gas engines combines all the advantages of HEINZMANN control systems: Speed control, mixture control, ignition control and knock control, as well as extensive engine management functions, can be found in a central control unit. This can be combined with a wide selection of hard components and is therefore suitable for any type of application.

System Features

Central control of all gas engine system functions by the modular and multifunctional controller XIOSGas.

XIOS Gas mit Linien

  • Engine Management
  • XIOSGas

Engine Management

  • Central control
  • All functions of the gas engine management are taken over
  • Among other things, speed and mixture control, ignition control, engine monitoring and other functionalities are integrated in the control unit


A modular and multi-functional governor for gas engines.

Technical data

  • Processor: 32 Bit 264 MHz
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, CAN, RS-232, RS-485
  • Display: 4.3" (optional)
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Power supply: 9...32 VDC

Engine Types & Applications

Gas EnginesGas Engines

  • Speed Control
  • Actuators
  • Throttle Valves
  • Throttle Valves with Positioner
  • Throttle Valves with Actuators

Speed Control

    • Integrated speed control
    • Rapid response to changes in speed and load
    • Combination with all HEINZMANN actuators possible

Actuators for Gas Engines

For decades now, HEINZMANN has been developing and producing high-performance actuators that can be used for virtually any application and can easily be installed on any gas engine. They are ideally suited for installation as original equipment and for retrofitting. They are fast and precise, offering complete reliability and durability.

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Actuator GEM Uebersicht

  • Reliable
  • Tried-and-tested
  • Dynamic

Throttle Valves

HEINZMANN throttle valves control the flow rate of the gas-air mixture. Thanks to the wealth of sizes from DK 50 to DK 400 and the dense design, these models can handle a wide range of power outputs and operating pressures. The control angle for the throttle valves is 75°. Both control directions can be used in equal measure.

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Throttle Valves Uebersicht

  • Suitable for naturally aspirated engines and turbocharged engines
  • Suitable for all gas types
  • Bearings ensure little torque is required
  • Shaft and throttle valve made of stainless steel
  • Standard flange sizes
  • No maintenance required

Throttle Valves with Positioner

HEINZMANN throttle valves with integrated positioner are intended for small and medium-sized gas engines. The direct-acting integrated actuator operates in 4Q mode. It is supplied with the tried-and-tested contactless position feedback and an integrated return spring.

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Throttle Valve with Positioner

  • Fast Response
  • No maintenance required
  • Compact

Throttle Valves with Actuators

HEINZMANN throttle valves with actuators are the ideal components for ensuring optimal engine control, including for turbocharged engines. As throttle valves, they regulate the engine speed by metering the mixture accordingly, and boast an unusually long service life. What’s more, they can be used in special applications as a gas valve in order to control the air-fuel ratio. Alternatively, they can also be used as a turbo bypass valve.

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Drosselklappen Aktuatoren Gruppe


  • Suitable for naturally aspirated engines and turbocharged engines
  • Available with return spring
  • High torque in both directions
  • Air-Fuel Ratio Control
  • Gas Mixers
  • Electronically Controlled Gas Valves
  • Mechanical Gas Valves
  • Gas Metering Units

Air-Fuel Ratio Control

  • Integrated mixture control
  • Power, lambda or NOx as feedback signal
  • Tailored system solutions for different gas qualities

Gas Mixers

Gas mixers are indispensable components in the mixture control systems of gas engines. They guarantee the desired ratio of fuel gas and air regardless of the operating conditions.

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Gas Mixer Uebersicht

  • Suitable for naturally aspirated engines and turbocharged engines
  • Constant mixture ratio
  • Suitable for all gas types
  • Uniform air-gas-mixture
  • No maintenance required
  • Low drop in pressure

Electronically Controlled Gas Valves

The electronically controlled E-LES gas valves are a great solution for gas engines. Driven by a stepper motor, they are available both with (E-LES LC) and without (E-LES SMC) lambda control. They are located in the gas line downstream of the zero-pressure governor, and are connected to the inlet of the gas mixer. They can be used to set the required gas volume very precisely in every operating state and correct it as required. 

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Electronically AFR Control Uebersicht2

Mechanical Gas Valves

LES-GTs are mechanical gas valves for air-fuel-ratio control (AFR) of gas engines. They are available with several cross sections and applied together with Venturi based gas mixers. Due to their design, these valves are totally maintenance-free and long lasting. Main applications are gas engines, working at one single operating point. Gas flow optimum is adjusted by positioning a specially shaped piston inside the LES-GT gas valves.

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Mechanical AFR Control Uebersicht

ELEKTRA Gas Metering Units

The ELEKTRA GMCU gas metering units are used as a fully integrated, autonomous unit for flow control, or as an extended variant for lambda control in stationary engines.

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Gas Mixer Uebersicht

  • Module-based gas engine control system including gas flow control and complete lambda control
  • Compensates for fluctuating gas quality by precisely regulating the air-fuel ratio
  • Ignition Control
  • Ignition Control Unit
  • Coils & Rails
  • Ignition leads
  • Speed sensors
  • Trigger discs

Ignition Control

  • Control of PHLOX ignition control or support for third-party systems
  • Speed-dependent and power-dependent ignition point
  • Auto-spark function for reducing spark plug wear

Ignition Control Unit

The flexible PHLOX II control unit with capacitive ignition and high ignition energy lies at the heart of the HEINZMANN ignition systems. Available in three versions, the control unit is suitable for engines with a maximum of 8, 12 or 16 cylinders. Two control units can be used to actuate engines with up to 24 cylinders. PHLOX ensures precise ignition timing and that the mixture ignites well. The variable ignition energy and the self-diagnosis function reduce the wear on the spark plugs, thereby increasing their service life.

Technical data

  • Number of cylinders: up to 8 (IC-08), up to 12 (IC-12, IC-12A, IC-12B), up to 16 (IC-16, IC-16A, IC-16B)
  • Speed: 30 ... 3000 rpm
  • Spark duration: 300 ... 600 µs
  • Spark energy: 25 ... 280 mJ (32 levels)

Engine Types & Applications

Gas EnginesGas Engines



Coils & Rails

High-performance ignition coils with optimised output power and a separate earth connection are the perfect accessories to complement the HEINZMANN PHLOX II ignition control unit. They enable high output voltages when the engine is run continuously and are suitable for temperatures up to 125°C.
On the pre-assembled ignition rails, the coils are mounted directly on the rail. The cables are protected inside the rail profile, ensuring a long service life and reliable operation.

Ignition leads

Spark plug connectors made of high-quality Teflon are resistant to high temperatures and voltages, and offer ideal insulation against sparks.

Speed sensors

Both inductive sensors and Hall sensors are available with different lengths and thread sizes. Thanks to their robust design, inductive sensors are ideal for use in harsh ambient conditions.
Compared to inductive sensors, the advantage of Hall sensors is that the output signal is independent of the speed and the distance from the sensor.

Trigger discs

Trigger discs are available in various designs to cover all possible applications.

  • Knock Control
  • Knock Control
  • Knock Sensors
  • Speed sensors

Knock Control

  • ARIADNE knock monitoring control or support for third-party systems
  • Monitoring of knocking combustion
  • Ignition point correction and power reduction

Knock Control

The ARIADNE control unit is able to individually detect knocking combustion on each cylinder (max. 20) and maintain optimum operation under all conditions so as to protect the engine from damage.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 18 ... 32 VDC
  • Capacity: up to 20 knock sensor inputs
  • Communication: 2x CAN bus, 1x Modbus, 1x serial interface

More information

Technical Drawing


Engine Types & Applications

Gas EnginesGas Engines

Dual-Fuel EnginesDual-Fuel Engines



Knock Sensors

HEINZMANN’s piezoelectric vibration sensors detect high-frequency vibrations that are typical of engine knocking. By detecting the knocking noises, the ARIADNE knock detection system can prevent damage to the engine.

Speed sensors

Both inductive sensors and Hall sensors are available with different lengths and thread sizes. Thanks to their robust design, inductive sensors are ideal for use in harsh ambient conditions.
Compared to inductive sensors, the advantage of Hall sensors is that the output signal is independent of the speed and the distance from the sensor.

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