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Optimal control technology for any type of diesel engine

HEINZMANN develops and produces all the components required for electronic injection in diesel engines. With HEINZMANN systems, you can implement all relevant injection processes for your diesel engine. This includes complete common rail systems with all the required CR system components and electronic control of pump-pipe-nozzle systems (E-PPN). The DARDANOS EFI control units are at the heart of all the systems. Of course, they can also be used in conjunction with external systems such as electronically controlled pump nozzle units (E-PNU).

Electronic Fuel Injection - All Solutions for your Diesel Engine

HEINZMANN has expertise in all electronic injection technologies: complete common rail systems, E-PPN systems, solenoid valve control units and all associated system components, through to engine monitoring systems.

  • EFI Control Unit

    EFI Control Unit

    Universal DARDANOS EFI controllers combine their main function - speed control - with additional features that are beneficial to the engine, including optimised fuel efficiency, increased engine power and reduced pollutant emissions.
  • High-pressure pump

    High-pressure pump

    The ODYSSEUS HDP-K series of high pressure pumps are characterised by maximum efficiency and durability and are optimised to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, guaranteeing efficient and low maintenance operation.
  • Common Rail Injector

    Common Rail Injector

    ODYSSEUS common rail injectors have a static leakage free design that reduces the return flow of fuel by 75 % compared to conventional injectors. They feature a uniform, homogeneous flow of fuel.
  • Common Rail Accumulator

    Common Rail Accumulator

    The HEINZMANN high-pressure accumulators have been tailored to the respective engine characteristics.
  • Rail Pressure Limiting Valves

    Rail Pressure Limiting Valve

    RPLV valves to protect common rail equipment against overpressure.
  • Wastegate Valve

    Wastegate Valve

    Wastegate throttle valves are used to control turbocharged engines. The throttle valve determines the amount of exhaust gas driving the turbine of the turbocharger. HEINZMANN valves deliver optimum gliding properties over a wide temperature range.
  • Overview EFI Controls
  • MVC 01-24
  • MVC 03-8
  • Sensors
  • Round solenoids
  • E-core solenoids
  • Software

DARDANOS Controls for Electronic Fuel Injection

The DARDANOS range includes universal EFI control units for engines with electronically controlled injection systems. These solenoid valve control systems are primarily used to control the speed. They help to optimise fuel consumption and this, in turn, results in less environmentally harmful emissions. They can also be used for basic monitoring functions, thereby increasing the operational reliability and availability of engines.


Reihe EFI Regler

  • Suitable for diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines
  • Precise injection control
  • Can be configured to suit specific applications

MVC 01-24

A solenoid valve control system for industrial diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines with a maximum of 24 cylinders. Enables up to seven precise injections per cylinder and stroke; large number of I/Os enables optimum engine operation and monitoring; can be used with any control system based on solenoid valves; combined with MEGASOL injection valves for gas injection systems. What’s more, up to 3 actuators can be actuated directly, for instance to control the air volume (throttle valve, turbocharger bypass, wastegates). It can be expanded as a redundant system for use in ship engines.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 15 - 33 VDC (nom. 24 VDC)
  • Injection boost current max./hold: max. 30 A / 18 A
  • Ambient temperature: -40 ... 80 °C / -40 ... 125 °C with cooling
  • Permissible ambient humidity: 95 % at 55 °C
  • Vibration: 10-24 Hz 2 mm / 25-64 Hz 0,24 m/s / 65-2000 Hz 9 g
  • Shock level: 30 g 11 ms - half sine wave
  • EMC: EN 61000-4-2/-3/-4/-6
  • Degree of protection: IP6K9K
  • Weight: approx. 8.5 kg

Engine Types & Applications

Diesel EnginesDiesel Engines

Gas EnginesGas Engines

Dual-Fuel EnginesDual-Fuel Engines



Industrial VehiclesIndustrial Vehicles


MVC 03-8

A solenoid valve control system for industrial diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines with a maximum of 8 cylinders. Wide range of functions and many I/Os for optimum engine operation and monitoring.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 12 - 32 VDC (nom. 24 VDC)
  • Degree of protection: IP6K9K
  • Ambient temperature: -40 - 80 °C / -40 - 120 °C with cooling
  • Permissible ambient humidity: max. 95 % at 55 °C
  • Vibration: 10 - 24 Hz; max. ±2 mm / 25 - 64 Hz; max. 0.24 m/s / 65 - 2000 Hz; max. 9 g
  • Shock level: max. 30 g, 11 ms - half sine wave
  • EMC: EN 61000-4-2 /-3 /-4 /-6
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg

Engine Types & Applications

Diesel EnginesDiesel Engines

Gas EnginesGas Engines

Dual-Fuel EnginesDual-Fuel Engines




Industrial VehiclesIndustrial Vehicles

Sensoren Sensors

HEINZMANN offers high-precision sensors for measuring temperature, pressure and speeds. Their flexible design means they can be ideally tailored to each product. HEINZMANN sensors are manufactured under the strictest quality standards and in accordance with recognised protection standards.

Solenoid roundRound solenoids

These pot magnets have a closed, round shape and are easy to install. HEINZMANN round magnets are available in many sizes with either a solid or laminated core. Other sizes on request.


Solenoid ecoreE-core solenoids

These rectangular magnets have a characteristic E-shaped core made from separate laminated plates. These solenoids are distinguished by their very high magnetic flux density and minimal eddy current losses. E-core solenoids are available in many sizes. Other sizes on request.



The DcDesk software is a configuration and visualisation tool for all digital HEINZMANN systems. It comes with all functions for commissioning, monitoring and maintenance/diagnosis.

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