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Analogue, all-electronic HEINZMANN speed governors are suitable for performing relatively simple control functions in situations where the control quality needs to be consistently high, such as with generator systems. They stand out by offering fast response and low overshoot in combination with high-precision speed control. They can easily and efficiently be installed on the engine. Generator-specific functions such as automatic synchronisation, load sharing and feedforward control can be provided using the relevant accessories from the HEINZMANN range.

  • Analogue Generator Control
  • LMG 11
  • SyG 02

Analogue Generator Control

In addition to the AT 01 analogue generator governor, HEINZMANN offers a load sharing module for isochronous effective-load sharing for use in analogue applications, as well as the matching synchronisation device.

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LMG 11

Load sharing module for isochronous sharing of the effective load between several generators running in parallel.


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SyG 02

Synchronisation device with three-phase voltage detection, frequency and phase control for a generator connected in parallel, and direct control of the generator speed.


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  • Interfaces
  • ESW 01
  • LMG IF-02


HEINZMANN offers an electronic motor potentiometer and a load sharing interface for analogue generator control systems.

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ESW 01

The ESW 01 electronic motor potentiometer is used in conjunction with the analogue HEINZMANN speed governors. It converts clocked pulses into an analogue speed setpoint signal that can be used for the electronic governor.

Technical data

  • Rise time: min. 10 s / max. 35 s

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Interface for coupling the load sharing lines of external devices with the LMG 10 load measuring unit.


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  • Accessories
  • LR 01
  • GSLU 01
  • LKG 02


The analogue generator control systems are rounded off by ramp generators and import/export governors for adjusting the value to a configurable import/export setpoint in parallel operation.

 Accessories Analogue Gensets


LR 01

Ramp generator for applying and removing a load in parallel operation.


Ramp generator for isochronous application and removal of a load in island or parallel operation.


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LKG 02

Import/export governor for adjusting the value to a configurable import/export setpoint in parallel operation.

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