Giro Engineering

Member of the HEINZMANN Group

Giro can help customers with; design, planning, inspection, test and measurement.

Where type approval is not sufficient we further offer a full range of approvals from the Marine Class Societies for its products, from basic witness testing and marking to full design approval submissions to meet our customer’s compliance requirements.

Design Projects


New design products in an optimum timescale

We undertake not only major contracts but projects of all scope and size. New engine development programmes place particular demands on all those involved. Giro have a track record of success in delivering fuel pipes on time and with the highest quality to suit the needs of major engine manufacturers. Furthermore, Giro Engineering Ltd will endeavour to supply products and services in a timescale to meet our customer’s requirements and budget.

Close partnership with the engine manufacturers

Our team of engineers work in a close partnership with the engine manufacturers in order to create the most cost-effective and efficient solution for any kind of application. Our design team can work independently or combine with a client’s engineering group throughout the design cycle.


quality 1 400

Giro’s inspection and test facilities enable us to provide the consistent and reliable products our customers demand. Careful attention to detail throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the dimensional inspection of machined components, to surface textures and test fitting on calibrated fixtures ensure the highest quality.

Final turbulent flow flushing and microscopic examination of pipe contaminants ensures we can meet the requirements of all modern fuel systems.

Please contact our sales department for further details.

Testing & Measuring

Testing & Measuring

We are always looking for the latest technology to help our pursuit of excellence. Whether it is the latest CMM measuring hardware or bespoke digital tooling we assess all options and invest in the very best.

In house procedures:

  • Non-destructive endoscopic bore examinations down to 2.2 mm bore.
  • Metallurgical examination on failed pipes.
  • Hydraulic pressure testing up to 10,000 bar.
  • High accuracy portable measuring using the latest Faro Quantum CMM.

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