Giro Engineering

Member of the HEINZMANN Group

The high quality of the products and services of Giro Engineering Ltd. is the basis for the organisations successful business activities. It is the policy of Giro Engineering Ltd, to provide products and services that meet with its customer’s highest expectations for quality, reliability, safety and performance. Furthermore, Giro Engineering Ltd, will endeavour to supply products and services in an optimum timescale to meet our customer’s requirements and budget.

We are striving to establish and introduce best practices with continuous improvements by using and adding to the world’s knowledge base. Our Quality and Innovation are two of the important distinguishing features which separate Giro Engineering Ltd. from the rest.

Relentless Dedication to Quality

Cleanroom Assembly

Each stage of our production process is examined to ensure a quality product. Hand measurement, CMM equipment and a fully equipped laboratory that boasts hardness testing, microscopes, stereoscopes and acid etching are just a few of the techniques we utilise.

Our ISO9001:2015 Certification is testament to our dedication.

Giro Engineering Certificates

Quality management system complying with DIN-ISO Guidelines ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate GIro EngineeringIn order to achieve this commitment to our customers and to meet our business objectives, Giro Engineering Ltd. operates and maintains a closed loop Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. These Management Systems ensure continuous improvement through regular reviewing and auditing of our products and services and our internal processes. We are committed ourselves to a constant optimisation of our processes to ensure a high internal efficiency to provide quick business solutions and to save costs. LRQA Certificate No. 932219.

Our suppliers are very important partners in this process. After careful selection we look forward to a long-term partnership with them. We monitor their quality via controls of the delivered products and supplier audits and define together with our partners the appropriate action to recover any deterioration. Between comparable supplier-candidates, the one that has implemented an ISO 9000 and Environmental Management System will be favoured.


Giro Engineering Ltd. understands that providing compliance with legislation is paramount to our customer’s successful business activities, and is committed to ensuring that our product design is not only in full compliance with the legal requirements of the latest International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations but also improved on the intended spirit of the legislation to improve the safety of personnel while at sea.

Giro Engineering recognises that identifying suppliers of critical safety components can be a time consuming and complicated process, and that in a fast moving business environment, finding the necessary time and resources to evaluate new suppliers can be difficult. To speed up this process Giro Engineering has encapsulated the Classification Societies reputation within the marine industry to highlight the quality and engineering excellence of its products by gaining type approval for both its products and manufacturing processes.

Where type approval is not sufficient Giro Engineering Ltd’s services also offers a full range of approvals from the marine class societies for its products, from basic witness testing and marking to full design approval submissions to meet our customer’s compliance requirements.

Please contact our sales department for details.


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