Giro Engineering

Member of the HEINZMANN Group

To complement our high-pressure pipes, we have developed a range of related components to aid engine builders and operators with maintenance and compliance.



Visual Burst Indicators

Flushing process on CR pipe

Instant visual identification of a failed double wall fuel line

  • Suitable for pump and line and common rail injection systems
  • Minimises machinery downtime and reduces lost man hours
  • Available in a range of sizes and operating pressures

Flexible Hoses


Giro Engineering supplies various flexible hose assemblies including

  • Convolute double walled
  • Firesleeve and firesafe
  • And many other bespoke options

Common Rail Enclosures

Common Rail Enclosures

Giro Engineering will liaise with customers to supply a suitable common rail enclosure:

  • Fabricated - suitable for lower volume
  • Casting - tailored for higher volume production

Alarm Tanks

Rail 2

Liquid level tanks and alarm sender units are available in a range of sizes and switch ratings

  • Options to suit distillate and heavy fuel oils
  • Choice of normally open / normally closed switch operating modes

Low-Pressure Pipework

Low Pressure Pipework

Giro supply low-pressure pipework suitable for many applications including

  • Water cooling pipes
  • Fuel supply manifolds
  • Cylinder pressure monitoring

Injector Feed Stems and System Parts

Rail 2

Giro offer a range of injector feed stems as a complimentary product to fuel injection lines

Many of our component parts are produced in house; our ability to design and produce enables bespoke solutions where required.

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