Giro Engineering

Member of the HEINZMANN Group

For more than 40 years engine builders trust on Giro Engineering fuel injection pipework. Our large and varied international customer base includes the most prestigious names in the diesel engine marketplace like John Deere, Caterpillar, MAN and Cummins. Giro’s product range covers more than 1000 different engine types in marine and power generation applications and in the vehicle industry.

A clear trend in engine development is the pursuit of higher injection pressures. Through continued investment in new materials, production techniques and equipment, Giro are able to keep one step ahead of these requirements. The common rail diesel engine provides better economy, lower emissions and of course, higher fuel pressures! That is why Giro has developed a wide range of high-pressure, common rail, fuel injection pipes for this ever changing market.



Sheathed Fuel Injection Pipes - PLN (Pump Line Nozzle)

Common rail shealding

Sheathed fuel injection pipe assemblies & systems. Accepted by all major classification societies including ABS, DNV and Bureau Veritas.



Single Skinned Fuel Injection Pipes

Common rail shealding

Unsheathed fuel injection pipes for high, medium and low-speed engines - many exclusive to OEMs.


Common Rail Injection Systems

Common rail fuel injection systems

Wide range of high-pressure, common rail, fuel injection pipework: sheathed fuel injection pipes & supply plus return pipes, all required bracketing, ancillary pipe work, leak indicators, fluid management.

Common Rail Shielding

Common rail shealding

Giro provide common rail enclosures manufactured as castings or fabrication, each case is decided on the most cost-effective solution.

Products - Components & Parts

Common rail sheathed
To complement our high-pressure pipes, we have developed a range of related components like visual burst indicators, flexible hoses, common rail enclosures, alarm tanks and more.

Low-Pressure Fuel Pipes

Low Pressure Fuel Pipes

 Giro supply low pressure pipework, sheathed & unsheathed, suitable for many applications: 

  • Fuel supply
  • Fuel return
  • Leak off

Tailored Solutions for any Applications

From the simplest single cylinder engine to the complexities of the modern day common rail systems: Giro Engineering fuel injection pipes are proven in the marine, power generation and transportation industries.




Power Generation


Transportation Industry

Key component


“Duoline” sheathed fuel pipe, often referred to as a jacketed fuel line or even a twin walled fuel pipe. This product is complemented with our visual leak indication fittings and our proven liquid level alarm tank.

1000 engine types

engine types

Giro Engineering supply diesel fuel injection pipes to many of the worlds premier engine builders. High, low, medium-speed or Common rail: Giro’s product range covers more than 1000 different engine types.

In-house production

ProductionIn our UK facilities we manufacture sheathed and unsheathed fuel pipe assemblies from 6mm outside diameter up to 30 mm outside diameter.

Design capabilities

CR IngenieurleistungenWith the heritage of 25 years of successful pipe design, Giro has the experience, tools and personnel to ensure success on each and every project.

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