Giro Engineering

Member of the HEINZMANN Group

Using the experience gained over the last 40+ years our capacity has been developed to meet the varied demands of our customers. We now have the capability to manufacture sheathed and unsheathed fuel pipe assemblies from 6 mm outside diameter up to 30 mm outside diameter.

Our sheathed fuel systems can be made to the finest tolerances for a guaranteed fit; using our closed loop coordinate measuring system. We operate full CNC uni-directional, and for more complex shapes, bi-directional bending machines, allowing us to maintain the high quality and precision that our customers demand.

Our capability to produce end connections ranges from cold forging through to hot forging and thread rolling. This combined with a never-ending attention to detail ensures customer satisfaction no matter what the demand.

Personnel - The Key Ingredient!


We have a workforce dedicated to the company and its customers; together we continuously develop our production processes to ensure the shortest possible delivery times, our production employees have always worked competently and assiduously to get the job done.

For the last 40+ years Giro has employed workers of the highest calibre, our ongoing training plan helps to integrate their external knowledge into our continuously expanding skill base. As you would expect from a market leader, our production team work to ever improving standards, using some of the most innovative machinery available.

Cleanliness Concept

Cleanroom Assembly

Cleanliness is one of the key elements on any fuel system. Giro has installed a range of cleaning and flushing equipment all housed in a clean room environment. This enables us to satisfy the most stringent OEM cleanliness standards.

Class 5 Clean Room (BS EN ISO 14644)
Certified as complying to cleanliness standards twice annually the clean room houses our flushing rig and specialist patch testing equipment.

Patch Testing as Cleanliness Conformation
A dedicated filtration system provides a clean medium used to test cleanliness by visual or patch-weight measurement.

Cleaning & Filtering


Large capacity-flushing rig

Giro operates a high capacity turbulent flow flushing rig. Designed by Giro’s engineering team to meet the stringent cleanliness demands of the modern day common rail diesel market.

The system has the capability to clean and filter our assemblies down to the finest micron count.

(Image: flushing process on Common Rail pipe assembly)



Giro has the capability to produce the vast majority of all fuel line components in-house. We specialise in the thread rolling and finishing that provides machined end unions for many fuel pipes

CNC machining
Giro has a range of CNC production machinery. Our latest acquisition is a state of the art; Twin spindle, Twin turret, 10 axis turning centre. This machine further enhances our capabilities and creates high volume, high-accuracy components.

Giro has a dedicated scheduling system for operator clarity including work-to-lists
This system ensures machine operators have a bespoke schedule that is constantly monitored by our co-ordinating staff. This allows scenario planning to increase or decrease production runs, to aid efficiency.

Autofrettage Treatment


Giro has been pre-stressing or autofrettaging fuel injection pipes and components for 25+ years.

To achieve optimal dynamic pressure fatigue resistance the autofrettage process must be used. Giro is capable of high-pressure testing and fatigue treatment of pipes to 10,000 bar hydraulic.

Stock Control


Giro operates an industry standard MRP (material requirements planning) system, with numerous bespoke additions, to assist us in running the company. Using MRP helps ensure that materials will be available in sufficient quantity and at the correct time for production to occur.

It also helps us in generating and revising production plans to meet our customer’s every changing delivery date requirements.

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