Giro Engineering

Member of the HEINZMANN Group

Giro produce high-pressure fuel injection pipes for high, medium and low-speed engines and of course Common rail engines. Our product range covers more than 1,000 engine types, our key component is the “Duoline” sheathed fuel injection pipe.

We also offer visual leak indication fittings and our proven liquid level alarm tank. Our standard range of premium quality high-pressure tubing covers bore sizes from Ø 1.4mm to Ø 10mm..



Sheathed Fuel Injection Pipes - CR (Common Rail)

Common rail shealding

Where common rail engine requirements increase the pressure rating of fuel lines and bring the need for common rail shielding, Giro is well equipped to cater for the most stringent pressures (3,000 bar working pressures) and provide shielding through castings and fabrication.


Sheathed Fuel Injection Pipes - PLN (Pump Line Nozzle)

Common rail shealding

Sheathed fuel injection pipe assemblies & systems. Accepted by all major classification societies including ABS, DNV and Bureau Veritas.



Single Skinned Fuel Injection Pipes

Common rail shealding

Unsheathed fuel injection pipes for high, medium and low-speed engines - many exclusive to OEMs.


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