Gas Engine Management

gas engine JINANHEINZMANN offers a complete product range for gas engine management - both modular components and fully integrated engine management systems. >View Catalogue.
Known for their reliability and durability, these control systems are flexible and suitable for any size, type or make of gas engine. With standard products as well as with application-tailored solutions, HEINZMANN seeks to provide the perfect system for every customer's requirements.



Systems and components 

Gas Mixer 100

Air fuel ratio

Mechanical and electronic components such as gas mixers, gas metering units and gas admission valves along with AFR control units

DK 200 Throttle Valve

Speed control 

Speed governors and throttle valves, including integrated governors

PHLOX Ignition Control

Ignition control 

Ignition control systems including ignition control unit, pick-ups, coils, cable harnesses and ignition rails as well as ignition rails, spark plugs and trigger discs

Ariadne KC 01

Misfire detection and knock control

Misfire detection and knock control systems as integral parts of engine operation and protection

WG 50 Wastegate Valve

Emission control 

Wastegate, EGR valves and turbocharger bypass
as most technologically advanced engine control strategies

DcDesk Communication Software

Supplementary hardware and software

for communication, parameterization and I/O extension