Combined Heat and Power Control XIOS CHP

As a long established system supplier of engine management solutions for combustion engines in the industrial field, HEINZMANN has a range of reliable controllers which are widely successful in different applications from power generation to marine propulsion. The newly developed and extensively tested XIOSCHP control unit for gas engines combines all the benefits of the HEINZMANN control systems:

GRA XIOS CHP System information 1018

  • Engine management
  • Generator management
  • CHP management
  • Heat management
  • Various monitoring functions

This provides reliable usage for heat and electricity power whether in mains-, parallel or island operation. With many configurable I/Os, various kinds of communication protocols and user-friendly HMI touch-screens, XIOSCHP provides the customer full control of the CHP system with minimum effort.



CHP System information diagram

System Information

To meet individual customer requirements,
three versions of XIOSCHP are available:


I/O Range

The flexible XIOS basic hardware allows individual system configurations adapted to the customer's needs.


System Features

Engine, generator, CHP and heat
management as well as various
monitoring functions are combined in
one central control unit, XIOSCHP.

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Setting and Operation

The HEINZMANN XIOSCHP solution provides
an easy-to-use CHP control which is
complemented by a user-friendly HMI,
allowing an intuitive and comfortable