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Integrated solution for chp control of gas engines

The newly developed and extensively tested CHP control unit for gas engines combines all the benefi ts of the HEINZMANN control systems: Engine, generator, CHP and heat management as well as various monitoring functions are integrated in one central control unit.

Depending on customer requirements, three versions of XIOSCHP with increasing functionality are available: BASIC, MEDIUM, EXTENDED. Depending on the version, the engine management includes functions from pure speed control and mixture control to ignition control and knock control or engine monitoring with a data logger.

XIOS CHP Systeminformation

Main Functions at a Glance

Central control of all system functions by the modular and multifunctional controller XIOSCHP

XIOS Gas mit Linien


CHP System Control




Heat Management

Speed Sensor

Speed Control


Air-Fuel Ratio Control


Ignition Control


Knock Control


Engine Monitoring
with Data Logger

  • CHP Management
  • Genset Management
  • Engine Management
  • Heat Management

CHP Management

  • CHP selectively heat or load-driven
  • Gas train control
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Pump control, pre-heat functions & room ventilation
  • Oil level control
  • Monitoring & control of various pressures & temperatures
  • Gas train backfire monitoring
  • Engine start/stop sequence, manual/automatic control, local/remote control
  • Engine operating hours/start counter
  • Event data logger, either high resolution data logging for pre and post event monitoring or low resolution data logging for general overview with real time clock
  • System password protection

Generator Management

  • Applications: Island/grid/peak shaving/base load
  • True RMS measurement/calculation
  • Automatic synchronisation and load control
  • Load sharing between CHP units (active power [kW] and reactive power [kVAR])
  • Power management
  • Voltage/cosPhi control via bias signal to AVR
  • Dynamic load adjustment at frequency fluctuations
  • Peak shaving incl. grid support function
  • Configurable load ramp up and ramp down
  • Various options for power factor control or reactive power control
  • Mains protection optional (voltage, frequency & reactive power)


More Information

System Overview Mains-parallel with & without Back-up Version

System Overview Mains-parallel or Island-parallel Application

Engine Management

  • Integrated speed control
  • Integrated air-fuel ratio control with closed loop power, lambda sensor, NOx sensor
  • Control of PHLOX II & III or support of third party ignition control unit
  • Control of ARIADNE Knock Control System or support of third party knock control unit
  • Oil temperature & pressure monitoring
  • Manifold/boost air temperature/pressure monitoring
  • Crank case pressure monitoring
  • Overspeed protection


More Information

System Overview


Heat Management

  • 4 independent confi gurable PID governors for heat circuits
  • Pre-heating by control of a heating rod
  • Coolant circuits temperature/pressure monitoring
  • Monitoring of coolant temperature difference
  • Engine and intercooler coolant temperature control


More Information

System Overview

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