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As an electronic measuring system, TRITON CPM offers key advantages over mechanical measuring sensors on diesel engines: it is much easier to operate and also provides much more precise measurement results. Once the data has been recorded, it can be downloaded directly to a PC or notebook via USB and edited using HEINZMANN software. The data can be transmitted by telephone or via the Internet. This enables the results to be analysed locally by a specialist and provides information about the condition of the engine.

  • TRITON CPM Cylinder Pressure Monitoring
  • CPM 500 Cylinder Pressure Control Unit
  • CPM 500 HTT High-Temperature Sensor
  • CPM 500 Visualisation Software

TRITON CPM Cylinder Pressure Monitoring

The TRITON CPM system for measuring the cylinder pressure includes a cylinder pressure gauge and an appropriate high-temperature sensor.


  • Enables regular and precise monitoring of the cylinder pressure
  • Provides information on how to improve the engine configuration, combustion behaviour, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
  • Precise, reliable, sturdy and affordable pressure sensor
  • User-friendly electronic measuring and recording device

Engine Types & Applications

Diesel EnginesDiesel Engines

CPM 500 Cylinder Pressure Control Unit

The user-friendly CPM 500 is a powerful electronic measuring instrument suitable for handling maximum pressure values for up to 20 cylinders. The basic components in the complete CPM 500 system are the hand-held data acquisition unit, HTT cylinder pressure sensors, and analysis software.


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CPM 500 HTT High-Temperature Sensor

Precise, reliable, sturdy and affordable pressure sensor, suitable for high and medium temperatures. Digital electronics with event recording. Designed to improve thermodynamics.


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CPM 500 Visualisation Software

Two versions of the CPM 500 software are available. The basic software calculates Pcomp, Pmax and rpm. The advanced version (which requires an access dongle) calculates ipower and imep and visualises the Pcomp balance and p-V diagrams.


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CPM Screen

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