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HEINZMANN PMS 120 drives fully automated transport system

January 2018


The PMS 120 serves as the drive for the modern robot system RAY™ of SERVA Transport Systems GmbH. Since 2014, HEINZMANN has been delivering PMS synchronous motors for the RAY™ system, developed and patented by SERVA Transport Systems GmbH. Each fully automated transport system is driven by two PMS 120 synchronous motors, which HEINZMANN has adapted to SERVA’s specific application. The particular challenge lies in making the ideal use of the robot’s very limited space.

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Electric motors paving new ways

Oktober 2016


Compact electric motors nowadays deliver high torques and high efficiency with a low weight. The synchronous pancake motors for instance, having made a big impression with their high power densities and very good efficiency, open up new possibilities, especially in mobile applications. HEINZMANN is going to showcase an excellent example of a synchronous motor-based drive concept at the upcoming SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg: the mobile robotic platform Mattro Bock.

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New CargoPower Drive System for E-Cargo Bikes

August 2016

The logistics of the 'last mile' in urban areas is moving away from vehicles with traditional combustion engines and taking great strides towards two- and three-wheel electric vehicles. At this year's EUROBIKE Trade Fair in Friedrichshafen, HEINZMANN will present its new CargoPower RN 111 electric motor - a new development specifially targeting electric cargo bikes for commercial and high-end applications.

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High aims and high mobility

April, 2015

Accessing tall structures to carry out maintenance or installation tasks often presents a real challenge. The use of tall ladders is neither regarded as safe nor ergonomic, traditional industrial lifts on the other side are heavy and therefore fixed on the site where they are used. Now, the innovative electric lift system from the Swiss company HighStep offers more flexibility. Equipped with HEINZMANN disc-type motors, one and the same lift can be transported and used on different sites.

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