Turbine Control

Two well versed specialists for turbine control belong to the HEINZMANN Group:

HEINZMANN UK develops, produces and implements worldwide control systems for all types of turbines, especillay for gas tubines. This includes the well-proven HEINZMANN controls and system components such as actuators, pumps and valves.

HEINZMANN Australia focusses on the controls for steam turbines and gensets. One of the top products is the Si-TEC (Smart Integrated Turbine & Engine Control), a digital governor fully integrated with an automatic synchroniser and kW/kVAr generator control, with over 4000 systems in operation globally.

The consistent technological approach is based on the comprehensive range of HEINZMANN actuation and governing components, brought together in systems for governing and fuel control, supplemented by monitoring and protection functions. Full turnkey solutions for safe area through to full hazardous area systems are supplied, installed and commissioned.


Systems and service 

Water Wash System

Gas turbine solutions 

Gas turbine control including air, fuel and pump controls as well as system components like actuators, valves or pumps and accessories

Steam Turbine

Steam turbine solutions 

Controls for steam turbines, actuators, displays and accessories


Water turbine solutions

Complete hydraulic actuator systems for water turbines

Steam Turbine Genertor

Solutions for generator management

Genset controls, displays, facillaty management as well as monitoring and control systems



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