Speed Control

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Speed Governors

HEINZMANN governors are acknowledged for their great reliability and durability along with their excellent performance.

Speed Governor DC 6 DC 9
  speed control DC-6 speed control DC-6 speed control DC-9

Most powerful speed governor in the product range, comprised of DC 6 controller and any type of HEINZMANN actuator up to 30 Nm

Operating as part of  PANDAROS governor systems in engines up to 3 MW
> Details on I/O capacity

  • Protection grade IP55 or IP00
  • Marine certified and explosive atmospheres certified
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Speed governor with competitive price-performance ratio, comprised of DC 9 and small-size HEINZMANN actuators

Operating as part of ORION governor systems
> Details on I/O capacity

  • Protection grade IP00
  • Without classification

Data Sheet DC 6

>> Manuals PANDAROS

Data Sheet DC 9

>> Manual ORION

Throttle Valves

Butterfly throttle valves control the gas/air mixture quantity of gas engines to set speed and power. In special applications, they can serve as gas volume control for gas/air mixture quality.

  • suitable for naturally aspirated and turbo charged engines
  • range of rotation angle 75° (72° DK HT), sense of rotation variable
  • sealed valve shaft for draw-through as well as blow-through configurations
Throttle Valve DK 50 DK 100 DK 140 DK 200 DK 300 DK 400
  throttle valve DK-50 throttle valve DK-100 throttle valve DK-140 throttle valve DK-200 throttle valve DK-300 throttle valve DK-400
Power range 25 - 125 kW 50 - 250 kW 100 - 500 kW 230 kW - 1.2 MW 230 kW - 1.2 MW 1.2 - 2.0 MW
High-temperature throttle valve

DK 250-150-HT for enhanced operation temperature up to 250°C permanent

  Drosselklappe DK-50
Power range 500 - 1,5 kW

Data Sheet Throttel Valves

Data Sheet DK 250-150 HT

Throttle valves with integrated actuators / governors / positioners

Throttle Valve DK 50 DK 100 DK 140 DK 140 DK 200
  Throttle valve with governor DG-3010-10 Throttle valve with actuator DK 100 StG 3 Throttle valve with actuator DK 140 StG 2040 Throttle valve with actuator DK 140 StG 2080 Throttle valve with actuator DK 200 StG 2080
with actuator   DK 100/StG 2040
DK 100/StG 3
DK 200-110/StG 3+
DK 140/StG 2040 DK 140/StG 2080 DK 200/StG 2080
with governor DG 3010.10/DK 50        
with positioner StG 3010.10-PD/DK 50 DK 100/StG 2040-PD
DK 100/StG 3-PD
DK 140/StG 2040-PD DK 140/StG 2080-PD DK 200/StG 2080-PD
TorqueMAX 0.60 Nm

6.6 Nm
3.0 Nm
6.0 Nm

5.6 Nm 8.0 Nm 8.4 Nm

Data Sheet DG 3010.10/DK 50

Data Sheet StG 3010.10-PD/DK 50

Data Sheet DK 100/StG 2010 / DK 140/StG 2040 / DK 200/StG 2080

Data Sheet DK 100/StG 3 and DK 100/StG 3-PD

Data Sheet DK 200/StG 2085

Data Sheet DK 200-110/StG 3+