Misfire Detection & Knock Control

In order to optimize the efficiency on modern gas engines, compression ratios are increased while the air-fuel ratio is becoming leaner. As a result, knocking or misfiring may occur - both harmful to engine components and spare parts.
With the control systems ARIADNE Knock Control and KASSANDRA Misfire Detection, HEINZMANN offers solutions for the protection and safe operation of modern gas engines.
Please also refer to HEINZMANN's >> Gas Engine Management Catalogue for details on all components.

Misfire detection

Product Description Applications
misfire-detection control unit Kassandra
Control unit based on the high-resolution observation of the speed variation. Measurable variations caused by misfire are detected reliably and load-dependent. Since only speed and power signals are used, no additional sensors are required. Gas Engines
Dual Fuel Engines

Knock control

Product Description Applications Documents
knock control unit Ariadne
Control unit for protection of gas engines against knocking
  • Monitoring of up to 20 knock sensors
  • Applicable with single sensor for several cylinders
Gas Engines


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HMI for control systems

Product Description Documents
display ARGOS
Interface for easy interaction with one or more HEINZMANN control units
Monitoring, parameterization and status checking executed intuitively through a 4-line alphanumeric display, several status LED's and a 7-key foil keypad
Manual ARGOS