Ignition Control System PHLOX II

PHLOX II Ignition Control Systems are built around the IC ignition control unit and include all integrant parts like ignition coils, ignition rails, pickup sensors, trigger discs and spark plugs. Suitable for all types of gas engines, PHLOX ignition system components can be precisely adjusted to the specific engine requirements and guarantee long lifetime and reliable operation.
Together with the components for air-fuel ratio control and speed control , the HEINZMANN range provides a complete solution for gas engine management. Please also refer to HEINZMANN's Gas Engine Management Catalogue for details on all ignition control systems.

PHLOX II Components

Component Description Documents
Ignition control unit
PHLOX ignition control unit
PHLOX IC-24 ignition control unit

High-energy capacity spark ignition control unit. Available for different engine sizes:

IC08 - for up to 8 cylinders
IC12 - for up to 12 cylinders
IC16 - for up to 16 cylinders
IC24 - for up to 24 cylinders, based on two IC12 control units in Master-Slave operation

  • Processing of up to 2 Hall or inductive pickup sensors for precise ignition timing
  • 32 adjustable levels of ignition energy to reduce spark plug wear
  • Range of I/Os for easy integration into engine management systems
  • CAN bus connection for extended monitoring and control features
  • Analogue input for spark angle offset can be connected to knock control system ADRIADNE or the like
  • Optionally and depending on pickup configuration, misfiring level can automatically adapt the energy level in order to extend spark plug life and assure optimum engine performance
  • On-board diagnostics for safe operation
  • CSA certified


CSA Certificate

PHLOX FlexSpark - Technolgy

Pickup Sensors
- Hall-effect -
pickup sensor / Hall-effect

Universal differential Hall-effect shaft position sensors for standard and/or built-in engine applications, available in different lengths

M18x1 for use as crankshaft or camshaft position sensor

M12x1 Differential Hall-effect pickup with enhanced signal quality for use
as crankshaft or camshaft position sensor

Pickup Sensors
- Inductive -
pickup sensor / inductive
pickup sensor / inductive

Low-cost inductive shaft position sensors for standard engine applications, available in several screw and length dimensions

M12x1x100 for use as camshaft position sensor by trigger disc or by index-mark

M16x1,5 or 5/8"UNF for use as crankshaft or camshaft position sensor by whell-profile with many marks (50 or more)

Ignition coils
ignition coil PHLOXignition coil PHLOX
New ignition coil generation featuring extended spark duration, suitable for all applications and gas types

Data Sheet

Coil rail
coil rail PHLOX
Completely wired ignition rail for directly mounted coils on the rail. Cables are protected inside the rail profile, ensuring a long lifetime and reliable operation. Delivered with all required mounting material for fast and easy installation.  
Cable harnesses
cable harnesses
Standard ready-to-use primary and secondary cable harnesses. On demand, these can be tailor-made to meet specific engine requirements.  
Ignition leads
ignition lead PHLOX
High-quality, Teflon made spark plug boots, resistant to high-temperature and high-voltage for best insulation against spark flashover. Particularly suitable for lean burn applications.  
Trigger discs
trigger disc
Available in different designs for any application.  

Spark plugs
spark plugs

Industrial spark plugs featuring iridium reinforced electrodes to provide long lifetime and reliable operation.



Interfaces & Software

Component Description Documents
DcDesk 6.0
DcDesk Configuration Software
Window's based software for configuration, parameterization and programming of HEINZMANN control units, providing manifold display, printout and recording functions.
Parameters of the control device may be adjusted during operation and  response monitored.

DcDesk 6.0 Leaflet

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display ARGOS
Interface for easy interaction with one or more HEINZMANN control units
Monitoring, parameterization and status checking executed intuitively through a 4-line alphanumeric display, several status LED's and a 7-key foil keypad
ARGOS Manual


Component Description Documents
High Voltage Indicator
high voltage tester for ignition system
Indicating the ignition voltage in different selectable formats on a TFT display, ideal for quick diagnostics of spark plugs' end of service life or misfiring
Suitable for 7mm unshielded ignition wire and ignition voltage between 2 and 60 kV
Data Sheet