Gas Admission Valve Based Dual-Fuel System ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel Systems are based on HEINZMANN's proven gas engine components and powerful actuation and governing units. The multi-point gas admission version incorporates a dual-fuel ECU, multiple gas admission valves and an EFI controller. The single port gas injection achieves best possible load response and maximum conversion ratios while the risk of gas loss or backfiring caused from valve overlapping is avoided. Operating dual-fuel engines with up to 1 MW output, this ARTEMIS version is suitable for retrofitting of medium- and low-speed diesel engines.

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Illustration of the ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System

Illustration of the ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System

ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel Components

Component Description Documents
MVC 01-24
MVC 01-24 EFI controller
EFI controller for industrial engines such as diesel, gas and dual fuel with up to 24 cylinders. Wide functionality and convenient number of I/O for optimal engine operation and monitoring.


Data Sheet
MVC 01-24

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Gas admission valve
Megasol 425 II gas admission valve
electrically actuated gas admission valve characterised by
  • excellent load response due to diesel injection close to the inlet valves
  • precise dosage and individual adjustment of gas quantity for each cylinder
  • minimized risk of backfire or gas loss by valve overlapping
Data Sheet MEGASOL 200 II, 400 II, 425 II
Sensors for pressure and temperature monitoring (gas, air, cooling water, exhaust)
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Misfire detection

Knock control

optional components for misfire detection and knock control  
DcDesk Communication Software

Window's based software for configuration, parameterization and programming of HEINZMANN controllers

Leaflet DcDesk 6.0

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