Dual-Fuel Management ARTEMIS

Conversion from diesel to dual-fuel combustion happens for two main reasons: The reduction of fuel costs and the reduction of emissions. HEINZMANN dual-fuel systems rely on proven components and offer solutions for the specific ABC dual fuel enginerequirements of stationary gensets, compressor applications, vehicles and engines. Through precise control of diesel and gas metering they ensure optimal performance in both diesel and dual-fuel mode. The features and benefits of ARTEMIS systems include:

  • High conversion ratios
  • Improved engine response
  • Fixed or variable diesel in gas mode
  • Separate governor settings for diesel, gas and transfer mode
  • Automatic mode selection, automatic switch to diesel if gas supply fails
  • Suitable for different gas qualities: Natural gas, sewage gas, landfill gas
  • Low investment costs


 Systems and components

Gasmischer 100

Gas mixer based solutions

Dual-fuel systems for high-speed engines with engine power between 100 kW and 2 MW

Megasol 425 2

Gas admission valve based solutions

Dual-fuel systems for medium and slow-speed engines with engine power between 100 kW and 1 MW

CPM 500 Cylinder Pressure Monitoring

Engine monitoring

Systems for early problem detection through precise monitoring of oil mist, bearing temperature and cylinder pressure

DcDesk Communication Software

Supplementary hardware and software

for communication, parameterization and  I/O extension