Upgrade Kits for Fuel Injection Pumps

Upgrading a mechanically controlled injection pump to an electronically controlled system both enhances engine control options, quality and increases engine performance. Based on its extensive range of engine control solutions, HEINZMANN  offers upgrade kits for any engine and application.  The kits are easy to adapt and consist of a direct mounted control unit / actuator and a tailored adapter plate.

The benefits of this upgrade solution include:

upgrade kit for fuel injection pumps

  • Enhanced engine control quality, additional control parameters
  • Enhanced control performance  in generator operation
  • Fast and accurate reaction of control in case of load steps
  • Sophisticated PID control structure allows operation without zero speed droop
  • Precise feedback system
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Dual fuel option

The appropriate control unit / actuator may be chosen based on the conversion table below. For every actuator model, the table lists its sense of rotation and working direction. Please follow the links for more details on a single device.

Actuator Control Unit Fuel injection pump
type P
type P9
type P10
type PE8-ZWM
Motorpal Delphi/Perkins
type 1429

StG 2005 DP

DC 12 cw/ccw, 4Q        cw/ccw, 4Q  

StG 2040 DP

DC 12

  cw/ccw, 4Q

cw/ccw, 4Q

cw/ccw, 4Q    
LA 35 DC 9
DC 10
        linear, 2Q
linear, 2Q


DG 3005.10
Integrated governor
        cw, 2Q cw, 2Q