Electronic Pump-Pipe-Nozzle Control LAVINIA

HEINZMANN electronic fuel control systems are equipped to provide all relevant injection technologies.
Main component of the electronically controlled HEINZMANN E-PPN system is the solenoid activated injection control valve. The unit is located in the high-pressure fuel line of diesel engines. It provides a precise and speed/load dependent fuel injection timing for optimised combustion under all operating conditions.
The LAVINIA E-PPN system extends the existing fuel system. Application is possible for retrofit of diesel engines in field as well as for factory upgraded engines (OEM). Controlled by a HEINZMANN EFI control it offers the benefits of electronic fuel control such as mapped injection timing, cylinder balancing and limitation functions. The valve offers the option of single cylinder shut-off. In dual-fuel applications the E-PPN valve enables independent speed/load ignition timing.

Features and benefits of the LAVINIA E-PPN System:


  • Complete kit for installation on diesel engines with single fuel pumps
  • Allows full electronic control of injected fuel quantity and injection timing
  • Speed/load dependent injection timing
  • Possibility to switch off some cylinders at idle
    and low loads
  • Cylinder to cylinder balancing
  • Up to 350 kW/cylinder
  • Up to 1600 bar system pressure
  • For retrofit and new engines
  • Customisable to different types of fuel pumps
  • Service-friendly design

PLN System Components

Component Description Documents
E-PPN Control Valve
control valve for HEINZMANN E-PPN system
HEINZMANN provides a universal solenoid activated injection control valve for precise fuel injection timing for optimised combustion. Due to its modular design the valve can be easily adapted to existing high-pressure pumps and injectors of different manufacturers. No major changes are required with diesel engines for E-PPN valve installations. Data Sheet E-PPN 
E-PPN Control Unit
MVC01 EFI controller

The E-PPN control system is based upon the reliable and proven EFI control DARDANOS. The MVC 01-24 is HEINZMANN‘s most powerful electronic fuel injection engine control up to a maximum of 24 cylinders. MVC 01-24 comes with a comprehensive number of inputs and outputs. It can be installed easily on most types of diesel engines. For more information please refer to the DARDANOS EFI Control Systems leaflet.

Speed sensors
Sensors Selection

HEINZMANN provides a comprehensive choice of inductive and Hall-effect speed sensors, as well as temperature and pressure sensors.