Integrated Speed Governors

The range of integrated governors combines the functionality of HEINZMANN actuators and speed governors in a compact unit, thereby ensuring flexibility in mounting positions and interchangeability with other proprietary units.

Governor Description Engine / Application Documents
DG EC 40
DG EC 250
speed governor DG-EC-40

speed governor DG-EC-250

Combination of brushless actuators and DC 8 high-grade digital speed controller. Ideally suited for applications that require both extensive governing functionality and outstanding actuator performance.
Featuring a redundant power supply, optionally supplemented by a return spring.

Marine applications

Data Sheet StG EC 40

Data Sheet StG EC 250

DG 2080.11
speed governor DG-2080-11
Combination of direct acting StG 2080 actuator and DC 11 digital governor, delivering precise, fast control at low consumption.

Gas engines
Small and medium-sized diesel engines


Data Sheet DG 2080.11
DG 3005.10
DG 3010.10
speed governor DG-3005-10

Combination of direct acting, rotary actuators StG 3005 / StG 3010 and DC 10 digital governor. Designed for direct mounting.

Small-sized diesel engines
Gas engines


Data Sheet
DG 3005.10
DG 3010.10