Pancake DC Motors

The brushed SL pancake motors are extremely flat designed dc motors that offer best mounting options wherever applications provide only little space for a drive. They are characterized by the reliably and quiet operation, a very good controllability and their powerful drive function. Their non-ferrous disc armature ensures a low inertial torque, crucial for dynamic applications, and makes them completely free of cogging torques. The continuous optimization of the material, maintenance intervals of wearing parts have been considerably lengthened, contributing to their good price-performance ratio.


*1NFB = Magnets of standard size / 2NFB: Magnets of larger size

  SL 80-F SL 100-F
SL 100-1NFB*
SL 100-2NFB*
SL 120-F
SL 120-1NFB*
SL 120-2NFB*
SL 140-2NFB* SL 160-2NFB* SL 180-2NFB*
  DC Motor SL 80F pancake DC Motor SL 100F pancake DC Motor SL 120F pancake DC Motor SL-140-2NFB pancake DC Motor SL 160F pancake DC Motor SL 180F pancake

Output power

up to 40 W
1500 - 6000 rpm
12 - 72 VDC

up to 250 W
1500 - 7000 rpm
12 - 72 VDC

up to 400 W
1500 - 8000 rpm
12 - 72 VDC

up to 460 W
1600 - 4600 rpm
24 - 120 VDC

up to 710 W
1400 - 4000 rpm
36 - 160 VDC

up to 1200 W
1500 - 5000 rpm
48 - 210 VDC

for use

SL 80 F SL 100-F
SL 100-1NFB
SL 100-2NFB
SL 120-F
SL 120-1NFB
SL 120-2NFB
SL 140-2NFB SL 160-2NFB SL 180-2NFB

DC Motor PMG 132

The PMG 132 is a multi-pole, permanently excited DC motor with brushes. Its compact design requires for less installation space while providing strong torque of up to 38 Nm.

  PMG 132
  DC Motor PMG pancake
Voltage 24 V 36 V 48 V 60 V
Rated power 1.8 kW 3.1 kW 4.7 kW 5.1 kW
Speed 1100 rpm 1800 rpm 2400 rpm 3000 rpm
DC current 90 A 97 A 110 A 97 A
Rated torque 15 Nm 16 Nm 19 Nm 16 Nm
  Table valid for operation in duty type S1.
DC current in duty type S2 - 10 min 210 A
Peak torque 38 Nm
Protection class IP20
Weight approx. 12.5 kg
Motor Controllers

A list of suppliers offering DC controllers to be used with HEINZMANN's PMG 132 Motor:


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