Motor Controllers

The operation of synchronous motors requires the use of controllers. However, there are only few suitable types available on the market for this quite young technology. Their availability depends on the according voltage and the requested power of the drive as well as the resulting currents in the controller.

Traction Controllers for Battery Supply

Overview of controllers for battery voltages from 24 VDC up to 120 VDC:

Type Motor Continuous Power / Peak Power Motor Continous Current / Peak Current Battery Voltage Range Documents
Synchronous motor controller ACD
4 kW (60 min) /
9 kW (2 min)
100 Arms (60 min) /
225 Arms (2 min)
24 V – 48 VDC
ACD Data Sheet
Size 2-6
Synchronous motor controller RTEmagicC
2-18 kW (60 min) /
9-50 kW (10 sec)
60-260 Arms (60 min) /
180-780 Arms (10 sec)
24 VDC - 120 VDC

SEVCON Data Sheet

Industrial Controllers for Power Supply

Controllers can be purchased from various suppliers - e.g.:

Type Nominal Power Motor Max. Nominal Current /
Peak Current
Voltage Range Technical Data
Servo One
from 0.375 to 45 kW 450 Arms / 765 Arms 230 VAC / 400 VAC >> LTi-Drives
from 0.75 kW to 45 kW 75 Arms / 112 Arms 400 VAC >> KEB

The controllers are parameterized but might need to be readjusted depending on the appliance. The necessary software, API, main contactors are provided by HEINZMANN. Other accessories available on request.

Motor Controllers for brushed DC motor PMG 132

A list of suppliers offering DC controllers to be used with HEINZMANN's PMG 132 Motor: