State and local politicians visit HEINZMANN on fact-finding mission

March 2019

Transport policy in Germany is facing a massive challenge: Ensuring the mobility of people and transportation of goods for the future while simultaneously reducing emissions that are harmful to the climate and the environment. In short: Mobility and transportation need to be re-imagined and made much more sustainable. Green Party representatives at state and local government level have always felt a particular commitment to addressing this key future issue. On 25/03/2019, members of the Green Party group in the state parliament visited HEINZMANN in Schönau to find out about the very latest mobility solutions “Made in Germany”.

Markus Gromer (HEINZMANN CEO) and Peter Mérimèche (Managing Director of HEINZMANN Electric Drives) welcomed Josha Frey (European policy spokesperson for state parliament Green Party), Andreas Schwarz (Leader of Green Party group in state parliament) and the Mayor of Schönau, Peter Schelshorn.

A presentation focusing on emission-reducing HEINZMANN products from its Engine & Turbine Management and Electric Drives divisions gave the visitors an insight into the extensive range of solutions now emerging from the technology incubator in the Upper Wiesental area.

On the subsequent factory tour, Gerrit Kaupp (HEINZMANN Operations Manager) presented the latest HEINZMANN solutions in the field of eMobility.

The politicians were impressed by HEINZMANN’s know-how and the broad range of technology available: “The Lörrach district can be proud that such an innovative company is based in the Wiesental. For decades, HEINZMANN has provided valuable jobs in this rural area and is developing future technologies that can make a significant contribution to saving the planet”, said Josha Frey.

Solutions for urban electric mobility

The visitors then tried out the electrically powered RYTLE brand cargo bike, an eMobility solution specially designed for urban logistics. At the heart of the RYLTE cargo bike is the CargoPower wheel hub motor developed by HEINZMANN and produced in Schönau. The RYTLE cargo bike can be used to deliver all kinds of goods over the last mile, quickly and with zero emissions.

Andreas Schwarz summed up the visitors’ impressions of their visit: “Taking action on climate change is humanity’s biggest issue this century. Protecting the climate is essential for environmental reasons, but also makes good sense from an economic point of view. Climate protection will create tomorrow's economic growth and jobs. The energy revolution has already resulted in more than 50,000 new jobs in Baden-Württemberg. With its innovative products, HEINZMANN is demonstrating how a great medium-sized business from Baden-Württemberg can contribute to creating high-quality jobs in the region as well as playing its part in protecting the climate and our environment. We are inspired by the fantastic achievements of the company and its employees.”


Politiker Besuch bei HEINZMANN

Politicians‘ visit on 25 March 2019 in Schönau

Josha Frey (European policy spokesperson for state parliament Green Party), Andreas Schwarz (Leader of Green Party group in state parliament), Peter Mérimèche (Managing Dirctor HEINZMANN Electric Drives), Markus Gromer (CEO HEINZMANN Group), Gerrit Kaupp (Operation Manager HEINZMANN), Peter Schelshorn (Mayor of Schönau)

Politikerbesuch Firma HEINZMANN

Factory and production site visit of HEINZMANN on 25 March 2019

Gerrit Kaupp (Operation manager HEINZMANN), Markus Gromer (CEO HEINZMANN Group), Andreas Schwarz (Leader of Green Party group in state parliament), Josha Frey (European policy spokesperson for state parliament Green Party), Peter Schelshorn (Mayour of Schönau)

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