Corporate Mission


The companies of the HEINZMANN group develop and produce governor and control systems for combustion engines, power generation and turbines as well as electric motors for the engine and propulsion system industry. As an integral part of these systems, HEINZMANN products optimize the performance, fuel consumption, emission level as well as service life and time between maintenance. Both our onsite production and our stringent quality management make us as a reliable partner for manufacturers and suppliers.


In our core business, we seek to become THE global technology leader for complete combustion engine and turbine management solutions for marine, rail traction and other industrial applications.
In the electric drives division, we want to be acknowledged as a leading system provider for industrial applications and lightweight vehicles. HEINZMANN wants to continue as front runner with hybrid systems in the off-highway section.


Customer Orientation
The long-term maximisation of the quality as the difference of the (not only) money or value equivalent customer satisfaction (the revenues) minus the total of the expenses due tue unavoidable costs and bad quality is the central aim of HEINZMANN.

Employee Satisfaction
HEINZMANN wants to secure the livelihood of its employees, and will also satisfy its employees with ambitious, challenging responsibilities and tasks.

Shareholder Value
Our satisfied shareholders see reasonable return on invest. They continue to support for and invest into the future of the company.

Sustainable Business
Our processes must be sustainable. We avoid long-term environmental impacts to ensure long-term business.