EFI Control Systems for Rail Traction Engines

PEGASOS systems for rail traction engines supply speed control characterized by high precision and long term stability. For diesel-electric drives, they combine both speed control and load control for the on-board generator (AC and DC), ensuring maximum traction efficiency with variable excitation control. PEGASOS systems operate in installations worlwide, especially chosen as universal retrofit solution for diesel-electric locomotives. Alternatively, they can be combined with existing fuel injection systems as part of repowering projects.

System Features

  • Various start fuel adjustments
  • Speed setpoint via digital notches, CAN bus or current/voltage signals
  • Speed and excitation ramping functions to assure a smooth reaction
  • Various PID setting functions to optimize the dynamic at each operation point
  • Various limitations (e.g. depending on boost pressure, speed)
  • Adaptation to injector tolerances and cylinder characteristics
  • Extended engine monitoring functions with safety actions
  • Engine protection functions


Component Description Documents

PEGASOS traction engine control cabinet

Modular electronic system including

  • interface with excitation signal amplifier module and optional extension units for analogue and digital signals
  • DC/DC converter (24-110 VDC)
  • optional CAN bus interface

all inputs and outputs are opto-isolated


MVC 01-24
EFI-controller MVC01  for electronic fuel injection

EFI controller for solenoid actuated electronic fuel injection of diesel  engines up to a maximum of 24 cylinders; comprises up to seven precise injections per cylinder and stroke; features a convenient number of I/O for optimum engine operation and monitoring;


Data Sheet
MVC 01-24

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MVC 01-20
 EFI controller MVC 1-20

EFI controller for solenoid actuated electronic fuel injection of diesel engines up to a maximum of 20 cylinders; comprises up to five precise injections per cylinder and stroke; features a convenient number of I/O for optimum engine operation and monitoring

Data Sheet MVC 01-20

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Common Rail High Pressure Pump HDP-K3-HFO

High-pressure pump of the HDP-K series, featuring a unique crank mechanism and excelling with high efficiency and long endurance. Designed to minimize wear effects on pump elements and plungers, HDP-K high-pressure pumps guaranty efficient operation and long TBO periods.

3 pressure elements for system pressures up to 2,200 bar. Delivery rates up to 15 l/min (1 pump) / redundant concept: up to 30 l/min (2 pumps). Flange or socket mounting.

Common-Rail-Injector ICR-DS-300

Fuel injector with injection pressures up to 2,200 bar, injection quantities from 50 to 7,000 mm3/shot. Featuring a static leak free design, reducing fuel backflow by 75% compared to conventionally designed, leakage afflicted injectors. Peak pressures are diminished by 25% through the integration of an accumulation volume (rail volume), resulting in  a smooth fuel flow.


Speed, temperature and pressure sensors >> details on sensors page

Leaflet Sensors
DcDesk 6.0
DcDesk Communication Software

Window's based software for configuration, parameterization and programming of HEINZMANN controllers

Leaflet DcDesk 6.0