Digital Control Systems for Rail Traction Engines

HEINZMANN control systems for rail traction engines are characterised by high precision and long-term stability. For every application project, they provide specific control, protection and monitoring functionality. The compact, robustly designed hardware components are tailored to suit the harsh environments of the power car. For diesel-electric drives, both speed and load control for the on-board generator (AD and DC) are combined - ensuring maximum traction efficiency with variable excitation control. Systems operate in installations worldwide, chosen by leading locomotive manufacturers for retrofitting of diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives.

PEGASOS Traction Control


  • Various start fuel adjustments
  • Speed setpoint via digital notches, CAN bus or current/voltage signals
  • Speed and excitation ramping functions to assure a smooth reaction
  • Various PID setting functions to optimize the dynamic at each operation point
  • Various limitations (e.g. depending on boost pressure, speed)
  • Extended engine monitoring functions with safety actions
  • Engine protection functions


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PEGASOS traction engine control cabinet

Modular electronic system including

  • digital controller DC2-02
  • interface with excitation signal amplifier module and optional
    I/O extension units for analog and digital signals
  • DC/DC converter (24-110 VDC)
  • optional CAN bus interface

all inputs and outputs opto-isolated

Data Sheet DC2-02


StG 6 / 10
Actuator StG 6-10

Actuator 16/30/40

Actuator with gears for traction engines up to 1 MW
maximum torque: 6 / 10 Nm
rotation: 36°
response time: 70 ms / 80 ms


Actuator with gears for traction engines up to 4 MW
maximum torque: 16 / 28 / 44 Nm
roation: 42°
response time: 120 ms / 170 ms / 190 ms

Manual HELENOS I Governor

Manual HELENOS III Governor


Speed, temperature and pressure sensors >> details on sensors page

DcDesk 2000

Microsoft Windows based software for configuration, parameterization and programming of HEINZMANN controllers

Leaflet DcDesk2000

VIKING Traction Control

Components & Features

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Control Panel

V35 Traction ECU

Traction control panel with Viking35 ECU, performing the following core functionality:

  • Speed governing
  • Start interlocks
  • Engine auxiliaries control during starting/running/stopping conditions
  • 1st and 2nd stage engine protection
  • Overspeed protection
  • Independent engine shutdown by separate protection module
Data Sheet
Viking35 ECU

Power Unit
Traction Power Supply Unit RE

Provides regulated 28 VDC, 300 W power supply output for the traction control and monitoring units, derived from a power car supply input
Protects components from power supply surges and transients in accordance with RIA12 requirements
Includes a back up battery for short periods of loss of main power


Fuel Actuator
fuel actuator RE 2221

Proportional actuator with output range of 8, 15, 25, 34 or 40 ft.lbf.

Data Sheet
Monitoring Unit

Collects system status data from ECU via serial communications and hardwired inputs as well as engine and power car status data via hardwired analogue and digital inputs (on external antenna) to produce statistical and alarm 'black blox' data.
Main components: GPS, GSM, project-specific software, interface circuitry