Off Highway Installations

HEINZMANN the specialist in diesel engine management provides a wide product range for off-highway installtions. 

  • Cummins DCDEC-13

HEINZMANN technology in the world’s toughest rallies

At regular intervals, the racing team of the Russian company KAMAZ participates in the Dakar Rally and the Silk Way Rally. For many years, KAMAZ trusts on HEINZMANN products in order to be optimally equipped for the world’s toughest rallies.

Kamaz Truck

The Russian company was looking for a common rail system high-pressure pump solution capable of operating the engine at the required high performance. KAMAZ cites the crucial reasons for using the HEINZMANN high-pressure pump as being the high delivery rate, excellent configurability, high speed level available, good controllability and the high hydraulic efficiency.

Hochdruckpumpe am Motor

The HEINZMANN pump met the rally's particular challenges and thus helped to guarantee that the KAMAZ truck team won the Silk Way Rally in July 2017.



Russland Flagge Russia

Installation of HDP-K3 high-pressure pump on Cummins DCDEC-13 engine in KAMAZ racing truck

HDP-K3 high-pressure pump

Engine Type
Cummins DCDEC-13 diesel engine

Off-highway vehicles

Kind of application
KAMAZ racing truck 

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