ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System for Marine Propulsion Engines

For marine applications, focus is shifting to dual-fuel technology, aiming for a significant reduction in fuel costs as well as compliance with stricter emission standards. The ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System offers a complete, tailor-made dual-fuel solution based on proven and certified components. For large low and medium-speed engines with an output power range between 1000 kW and 10 MW, the multi-point gas admission based ARTEMIS version is best suited to avoid fuel losses. It incorporates a dual-fuel ECU, multiple gas admission valves and an EFI controller as main components. The single port gas injection concept assures best load response, a low risk of backfiring and optimal conditions regarding fuel consumption and emissions.


Illustration of the ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System

Illustration of the ARTEMIS Dual-Fuel System for marine propulsion engines

ARTEMIS Dual Fuel Components

Component Description Documents
MVC 01-24
MVC 01-24 EFI controller
EFI controller for industrial engines such as diesel, gas and dual fuel with up to 24 cylinders. Wide functionality and convenient number of I/O for optimal engine operation and monitoring.

Data Sheet
MVC 01-24

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MEGASOL 200 II Gas Admission Valve for AFR control of marine propulsion engines

electrically actuated gas admission valve, characterised by
  • excellent load response due to gas injection close to the inlet valves
  • precise dosage and inidividual adjustment of gas quantity for each cylinder
  • minimized risk of backfire or gas loss by valve overlapping
Data Sheet MEGASOL 200 II
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knock control unit Ariadne
Control unit for monitoring of up to 20 knock sensors, applicable with single sensor for several cylinders;
protects gas engine against knocking, increases engine effectiveness and decreases exhaust emissions



Sensors sensors for pressure and temperatur monitoring (gas, air, cooling water, exhaust)
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DcDesk Communication Software

Window's based software for configuration, parameterization and programming of HEINZMANN controllers

Leaflet DcDesk 6.0

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The test bench runs have been successfully completed for the first dual-fuel conversion on a marine propulsion engine in the world, a project carried out by shipping line Fred. Olsen SA and HEINZMANN: By the start of 2018, the ferry Bencomo Express running between Tenerife and La Gomera, will be converted to LNG with its four main drives. >> project details