Retrofit of Marine Engines to Common Rail

HEINZMANN offers turnkey retrofit solutions for converting conventional fuel injection systems on marine drives.
In keeping with our commitment to our customers, expressed in the motto 'everything from a single source', we offer all the necessary components and services:

Conversion kit

Service package

  • Support in calculating the return on investment
  • Design
  • System adaption
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Tests
  • After-Sales Service

Achievable advantages in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions are good arguments for conversion to the HEINZMANN common rail system:

  • suitable for virtually all 4-stroke engines rated 1 MW and above
  • the conversion involves no disturbance of the engine itself
  • capable of full integration into existing engine management systems

An impressive demonstration of competence in the field of retrofitting to marine drives is provided by HEINZMANN in the current Conversion of Swedish icebreakers.

To further optimise the results of conversion to common rail technology we will be pleased to fit your engines step by step with an exhaust gas recirculation system and convert them to dual fuel operation.
This guarantees a significant reduction in fuel costs and compliance with the latest exhaust gas regulations.
Of course this technology is applicable not just to marine drives but also to all large diesel engines such as those for locomotives and power generators.

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