Comprehensive Solutions for Marine Applications

The HEINZMANN Group offers a comprehensive range of propulsion control, engine control and automation systems for ships. For decades, the group's member companies have supplied the civilian and military shipping industry. They offer standard solutions as well as customer-specific development projects. The quality and reliability of HEINZMANN systems is valued by customers, and their suitability for use in ships is certified as a matter of course by well-respected classification societies.


Systems and components  


Video marine products:

Zertifikate Certificates

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HZM Automation

Ship automation

Systems for monitoring and managing all crucial aspects of marine applications

HEINZMANN Automation Website


Propulsion control 

Systems combining engine governing and generator management with monitoring systems


Power Mamagement

Genset and powermanagement

Range of solutions from single and multiple generator controls to total power management and distribution systems

Engine Control

Propulsion engine controls

in the form of digital governors, hydraulic governors for mechanical fuel injection and EFI controllers

Common Rail

Engine components

for common rail and dual-fuel propulsion engines