Components for Digital Genset Management

Genset Management Panel by REGULATEURS EUROPA

Genset management systems by HEINZMANN and REGULATEURS EUROPA are based around the proven HEINZMANN digital controllers. In addition to the proven systems THESEUS and Viking35, the novel XIOSGenset controller is an all-rounder for any generator system application: it combines all relevant benefits of a combustion engine speed governor with a generator control. Encased into industry standard panels, systems may incorporate PLCs, HMIs, integrated speed control and futher enhancements. Communication is possible by different interfaces. The scope of function includes:

  • Automatic mains failure sequencing
  • Local or remote engine start, synchronising, load control, cool-down and stop sequencing
  • kW Load control
  • Engine protection and monitoring
  • Generator protection and monitoring
  • Engine governing
  • Power monitoring
  • Generator excitation control
  • Generator protection relay

Genset Controller

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Multifunctional digital GenSet Control and Monitoring:

The new HEINZMANN XIOSGenSet solution provides sophisticated genset control and protection. Only one central controller is required for control and monitoring of the entire genset system. The system’s multifunctionality allows optimum customised application and flexible configuration of engine and generator control.
XIOSGenSet provides a wide range of control, protection and supervision function. It is deployable for island and mains-parallel, single genset or group applications.
The HEINZMANN system is completed by a clear and user-friendly HMI, which makes the system operation very easy. The only tool required for a comfortable configuration is HEINZMANN’s DCDesk. XIOSGenSet offers a wide range of solutions for generator control and monitoring at an attractive price.


  • Customised engine & generator control
  • Scalable & flexible configuration
  • PC based adjustment & HMI monitoring
  • GenSet supervision and protection functions
  • Interface with existing analogue load sharing
  • Synchronisation
  • kW Power Control
  • kW Load Sharing, kVAr Load Sharing
  • Voltage Matching
  • Power factor control
  • Automatic sequencing
  • Optional speed governor included
  • CAN, ModBus or SAEJ1939 communication
  • Realtime alarm/data log options
Leaflet XIOSGenSet 

Genset-controller DGM-02 THESEUS

Digital genset controller for generators in island or parallel mode, operating with HEINZMANN and non-HEINZMANN speed governors

Available THESEUS versions:
BASIC: Low voltage genset controller without customisation abilities
MEDIUM: Low voltage genset controller offering several proven standard sets of assigments, limited customisation
EXTENDED: Genset controller with wide range of configuration, customisation possibilites for any genset voltage.
GROUP: Controller for group-to-group or group-to-mains gensets with high customisation level for any bus voltage.


  • Synchronisation
  • kW Power Control
  • kW Load Sharing, kVAr Load Sharing
  • Voltage Matching
  • Power factor control
  • Automatic sequencing
  • Optional speed governor included
  • CAN, ModBus or SAEJ1939 communication
  • Realtime alarm/data log options


Technical Information DGM-02 Genset Controller

Installation & Commissioning Guide
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DNV GL Marine Certification

Lloyd's Register Marine Certification

ABS Marine Certification

CGC-D (Diesel genset)
CGC-G (Gas genset)
CGC-T (Steam turbine)
CGC-ET (Ext. steam turbine)
Viking35 genset controller

The versatile CGC steam turbine governor & generator control is part of the Si-TEC product range developed and produced by HEINZMANN Australia. The CGC is the optimum solution for a wide range of steam turbine generators including back pressure turbines, condensing turbines, controlled extraction turbines and split shaft turbines.
Applications include power plants, sugar & paper mills, oil & gas, refineries, petro chemical, geothermal and multiple generator systems.


  • Precise speed governing typically within 0.1 % of operating speed at steady state
  • Dual MPU (or Prox.) speed sensors for redundancy
  • Auto start and warm through sequence
  • Synchronising control with phase and voltage matching
  • Interpolating multiple speed and load PIDs
  • Process control for back pressure / condensing turbines
  • Extraction control (pressure / flow)
  • Grid parallel and islanded operation
  • Isochronous / references / base load / grid droop control modes
  • Seamless (bumpless) transfer between control modes
  • kW control and load sharing
  • kVAr/PF control and kVAr sharing
  • Generator to 200 MW
  • Complex generator control applications
  • Extensive user selected control functionality
  • Controlled test of over speed protection
  • Extensive alarm functions
  • On board diagnostics
  • Dedicated RS485 MODBUS® port for customer PLC/DCS interface
  • Wide range of actuator interface options

Data Sheet CGC-T

Data Sheet CGC-ET

Data Sheet CGC-TGC

Viking35 genset controller

Versatile programmable digital genset controller with capability to add the most complex CAN bus load sharing schemes for up to 16 engines.

Features & Functionalities:

  • Modes of operation: Isochronous, Droop, Master/slave isochronous loadsharing (supports up to 16 engines), kW loadsharing, Base load
  • Automatic engine grouping based on status of system circuit breakers and bus couplers
  • ModBus and CAN-bus interfaces (e.g. to external monitoring systems, OEM EFI controllers etc.)
  • Customisable software and expandable I/O for use in even the most demanding loadsharing applications
  • Dedicated panel-mount or hand-held HMI
  • Support for laptop based Viking Vision tool
Data Sheet

I/O Module

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Input-Output Module Iceni
Range of modules that can be plugged together to form a node on a distributed I/O system
  • Open protocols to PLCs, PCs etc.
  • Extended temperature range -20 to +70 °C
  • Built in user interface
  • Redundant power supply capability
  • Plug & Play configuration
Data Sheet ICENI


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Touchscreen for genset operation and monitoring, providing

  • Genset/mains breaker status
  • Alarm display and logging
  • ModBus connection to external PLC/SCADA
  • CAN connection to genset controller DGM-02

Available interfaces: Ethernet, RS485, CAN
Available sizes: 5.7 and 10.4 inch

Data Sheet PANOPTES 02
ARGOS display

Display with push buttons for genset operation and monitoring, providing

  • Genset/mains breaker status
  • Alarm display
  • CAN or serial connection to genset controller DGM-02
Manual ARGOS
load share line interface

Analog load share line interface for analog load sharing with HEINZMANN's digital genset controller THESEUS

  • galvanically isolated
  • floating potential allowing connection to +/- load share lines


Component Description Documents
CR 01
CAN-repeater CR-01
CAN repeater combining a high speed signal regeneration and transmission with an optical isolation of the CAN bus to avoid signal errors based on ground level shifting

Manual CR 01