Genset and Power Management

With over 50 years experience in combustion engine control technology, the HEINZMANN Group are specialists in generator control solutions - whether in island or mains parallel operation, for single or group genset applications. The systems have been applied to diesel, gas, dual-fuel and heavy fuel engines, from single operation to multi-generator installations. Applications range from power stations in hospitals, banks, airports and water treatment works to mining sites throughout the world.
The scope of functions includesgenset with Heinzmann control

  • Monitoring and protection of engine and generator
  • Active and reactive load control
  • Start / stop sequence control
  • Synchronising
  • Fuel selection
  • Power metering
  • Engine speed control
  • Voltage control
  • Communications for remote control, monitoring via different protocols


Systems and components  


Digital genset management

Digital genset controllers and full range of components for digital genset management, including communication software                       

ESW 01 Electronics setting potentiometer

Analog genset management 

Analog genset controllers and accessories for analog genset control including power supplies and setpoint potentiometers

RE Power Management Control Panel

Power management 

Genset management systems by REGULATEURS EUROPA