Electric tracked vehicle 'Ziesel' - a sensational off-road single seater

New electric tracked offroad vehicle 'The Marmot'

Press Release (October, 2013)

Mattro Mobility Revolutions GmbH, based in Schwaz, Austria, is causing a real sensation with its revolutionary new electric recreational and utility vehicle. Managing Partner and engineer Alois Bauer explains why the firm‘s electric mobility specialists named their new off-road single-seater “Ziesel” (marmot), why they chose HEINZMANN‘s PMS pancake motors to power it, and why the vehicle‘s development followed the direction it did.

Electric tracked offroad vehicle 'The Marmot' by Mattro GmbH“The European ziesel belongs to the ground squirrel family, the same as the Alpine marmot. It‘s small, agile and at home on any kind of terrain”, says Alois Bauer as he explains that these are, in a terrain, the features of the new off-road singleseater from Mattro Mobility Revolutions GmbH. Even the basis for the electric drive concept, he explains, was inspired by the marmot, which is now among the endangered species of the Alpine region: “Our approach at Mattro is borne out of very strong ecological convictions and we‘re passionately focused on developing environmentally friendly electric mobility concepts for the future.” Bauer goes on to talk about the original motivation that led to the development of the Mattro Ziesel. It was really about building a test platform that would allow us to adapt existing in-house battery technology into a changeable Li-Ion battery system so that we could configure and enhance a motor and control drive set for small vehicles, sit-on lawnmowers and so on. What came out of that in the end is a vehicle that‘s causing a real stir because it is unlike anything else.

The Ziesel looks rather like a condensed crawler tractor, and the concept is electric right from the ground up. The off-road single-seater is driven by delta tracks with brushless pancake motors from the HEINZMANN PMS series. These particularly flat, compact motors made it possible to position the driver‘s seat very low down between the tracks, providing the low centre of gravity needed to keep the vehicle stable. “We were able to choose suitable standard motors from HEINZMANN‘s comprehensive electric drives range and then it was just a case of adapting them mechanically to the motor shaft”, adds Bauer.
Illustration of electric tracked offroad vehicle 'The Marmot'The PMS pancake motor series features the patented PERM-technology which was completely integrated into the HEINZMANN portfolio in 2012. The motors are particularly flat, with a high power density. Low inertia makes for very good acceleration characteristics, while the highly efficient PERM technology gives the vehicle a very high range.
Using both PMS 120 motors the Mattro Ziesel can reach a continu-ous load of 4.8 kW/6.5 HP and peak pulse power of 15.4 kW/21 HP. Put your foot down and the torque reaches a solid 400 Nm, hitting the top speed of 22 mph, in under two seconds. The Lithium-Ion batteries have a 6 kW capacity which lasts (depending on drive mode) four to five hours on a blast through the snow for example, or up to 10 hours on a leisurely potter through the countryside. “You can recharge the batteries in about two and a half hours using a standard charging device” adds Bauer.
The off-roader has joystick steering and its dynamic Fun mode makes for fantastically enjoyable driving on any terrain. The tracks offer plenty of traction even on sand or snow. In Tour mode you can enjoy an unhurried and above all quiet country ramble. So this electrically driven tracked vehicle has a very diverse range of uses. It offers independence and freedom to people with restricted mobility as well as making any off-road stretch great fun. The Mattro Marmot is also being greeted with great excitement as a utility vehicle, as shown for example by the winemakers already putting it to work in the vineyards of northern Italy. “The rubber tracks guarantee traction even at very low ground contact pressure, which is under four kilos per decimetre despite the vehicle‘s 210 kilo weight”, explains Bauer. That‘s significantly less than the floor load of a person walking, and reason enough for the organic winemakers to be using the Mattro Ziesel in place of heavy tractors. And of course the vehicle‘s green credentials, thanks to HEINZMANN‘s PMS pancake motors and the electric drive concept, were another persuasive advantage.

For more information on the Ziesel, visit www.derziesel.com.

The innovative vehicle will be exhibited at SPS IPC Drives exhibition on 26-28 November 2013 in Nürnberg, on the Heinzmann booth 135 / hall 4.